Miranda Lambert and Husband Brendan McLoughlin Are 'Settling Down' in 'Magical' Music Video

Is she settlin' up or settlin' down?

Miranda Lambert just debuted the "magical" new music video for her 2019 song "Settling Down" — and it features none other than her husband Brendan McLoughlin!

The visual — shot near Lambert's home in Nashville — follows a majestic Lambert, 36 as she rides a horse in a flowy light blue dress and comes home to her handsome beau, 29.

In one scene, Lambert writes song lyrics down in a journal, sips wine and watches as McLoughlin fishes.

"Am I looking for comfort? Am I looking for an escape?" she sings. "Am I looking for you? Am I looking the other way?"

In a separate scene, the two lovebirds hold hands and cuddle as they rest on a hammock.

Toward the end of the music video, the couple messes around in a kitchen while a shirtless McLoughlin seemingly prepares dinner. The two giggle together and embrace in a hug.

"I'm a wild child and a homing pigeon / Caravan and an empty kitchen," she sings. "Bare feet on the tile with my head up in the clouds / I'm one heart goin' both directions."

The video ends with McLoughlin, wearing a suit and sipping whiskey, as he welcomes Lambert home with a sweet kiss on the forehead.

Chatting with New York’s Country 94.7 ahead of the video's release, Lambert said she had never included a boyfriend (or husband in this case) in any of her music videos.

"I've never had a video in 18 years in the business with a love interest, and so it's kinda funny that my husband's my first one," she told the radio station. "I'm like, 'You're cute, you're here, and you're free.' It was fun; he did such a great job… and our little dog is in it, and our ponies. It's at my magical-happy place an hour away from Nashville."

All week, both Lambert and McLoughlin (whom she secretly married in January 2019) have been sharing sneak peeks of the new music video — and the former NYC cop even made an Instagram account!

"We're cooking up a listless something," he captioned a shot of the two in a kitchen. (He also posted a trailer of the video.)

"Shirtless husband promo volume 5 is coming for y'all tonight in the 'Settling Down' video," wrote Lambert with the same photo.

"Serious faces on the set of the 'Settling Down' music video with @brendanjmcloughlin," Lambert wrote with an adorable selfie video as the two attempt to keep straight faces.

Earlier this month, Lambert shared photos and videos of her shirtless husband helping her load hay onto her tractor-trailer.

"Make hay while the sun shines y'all!" she captioned the slideshow, adding hashtags such as #shirtlessfarmhusband, #yourewelcome and #hayday on her post.

Also to New York’s Country 94.7, Lambert joked about the photos, saying that her husband didn't realize you're not supposed to take your shirt off when dealing with hay bales.

"I mean, you're not supposed to take your shirt off when you bale hay, but he doesn't know that because he's from the city," she told the radio station. "So, I was like, 'You should take your shirt off and let me photo,' because that's how this goes."

"It was funny because everyone was commenting like, 'you can't bail hay with no shirt, it's so itchy,' so he found out the hard way, but it's a good country lesson to learn," she continued.

In August, Lambert told PEOPLE that she had been taking a break from writing and "spending a lot of time outside with my family and animals on the farm."

"[It] has become our home away from home," she said. "I've been touring for 18 years and have been all over, but have rarely spent real time in those places. So that is what we've been doing! One of my favorite parts of 'glamping' is cooking with Brendan over a campfire with our cast iron pans. It is delicious!"

And in July, the country singer talked about spending time indoors with her husband amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"If newlyweds can survive a pandemic then I think we're good, you know? It's a good test," she told New York's Country 94.7.

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