Misery for Spain holidaymakers as islands likely to keep strict Covid rules on masks & curfews after opening to tourists

BRITS on holiday in Spain are likely to have to continue wearing masks and following curfews, even after the country opens to tourists again.

The Balearics, Canary Islands and the Costa del Sol have all indicated that restrictions, including strict checks at airports, mask-wearing, curfews and even partial closure of the hotel industry, might continue after this Sunday when the current State of Emergency is lifted.

Brits are still waiting to hear when they will be able to holiday again in Spain, either on the mainland or the islands.

The UK government is to announce which countries are on the "green list" of the traffic light system which will let Brits skip quarantine when returning to Britain.

However, Spain is likely to be on the amber list due to the slow vaccine rollout and Covid situation, which will require a 10-day quarantine back in the UK.

The Balearics, which include Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza, are wanting to continue current coronavirus restrictions to avoid new outbreaks.

The islands' government says it might want to increase its curfew orders, currently at 11pm to 6pm, to 10pm to 7am if felt necessary, as well as to require negative Covid tests from all travellers and to limit group meetings to six people.

Balearic president Francina Armengol is even asking for legal permission for the partial closure of the hotel industry should coronavirus cases soar again.

The government of the Canary Islands has also indicated that some restrictions will remain once Spain lifts the State of Emergency, which includes checks at airports and ports.

The Andalusian government, which covers the Costa del Sol, intends to announce details of measures which will be continued after May 9 and is also seeking the backing of the courts.

The region wants the power to maintain perimeter closures in municipalities with incidence rates above 500 cases per 100,000 people.

President Juanma Moreno: "If there is an outbreak, I will use all the instruments at our disposal and I will not hesitate to take measures no matter how harsh they may be to preserve people's health."

However, he has ruled out reimposing any curfews and will phase in increased hours for pubs and restaurants a more and more people get vaccinated.

Spain is eager for Brits to return by the summer, with vaccine passports to be ready from June.

Non-vaccinated Brits will still be able to visit, but will need a negative Covid test.

Portugal, Malta and Gibraltar are expected to be the few holiday destinations added to the green list tomorrow, due to their low Covid cases or strong vaccine rollout.

The rest of Europe which includes Spain, Greece, Italy and France all hope to be on the green list by June.

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