Model earns six figures from ‘intimate’ Snapchat page where she flirts with fans

A glamour model who posts sexy snaps to her 450,000 followers on Instagram earns six figures a year from her photos.

With her surgically enhanced boobs and booty, Meli Santa charges people a fortune to see her racy content.

The 24-year-old amassed a mega following on her Premium Snapchat account where fans pay a monthly fee for her risqué content.

Within days of setting up the page, the Persian model saw her income soar.

She is now earning six figures a year and claims to be one of the highest-paid Premium Snapchat creators in the world.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online, Meli has lifted the lid on her success.

She said: "My Premium Snapchat has changed my life, the income I make from it allows me to be independent and live a life of luxury.

"Some people don't realise how much of an opportunity it is to make money.

"It gives my fans a much more intimate experience than simply watching a video and they really enjoy the 'behind the scenes' thing.

"Also it's a more personal way to connect with fans you never meet in real life but you have a virtual interaction and they enjoy that."

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Meli added: "My Premium Snapchat is like a normal free account but it's private and naughtier, so people pay to view it.

"I ensure I always look good in my snaps, I love to wear sexy clothes and lingerie for my thousands of fans and tease them.

"They can't get enough of my big boobs and butt! I deliver high-quality and seductive snaps every day to keep them subscribed."

Premium Snapchat is a short, personal TV show where the clips are 10 seconds long or under.

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Posts on Snapchat last 24 hours and then they're gone, meaning fans get to see fresh content daily.

Meli continued: "If you want, you can post one-off clips or you can record lots of clips in a row, effectively creating a mini TV episode.

"Premium Snapchat is really enjoyable and fans appreciate animated 'real life' clips much more than the airbrushed or filtered photos.

"It's more interesting for me. Premium Snapchat is also safer than other platforms because it's more private."

As well as watching the babe's saucy clips, fans also get the chance to chat with her via DM to get to know her on a personal level.

Meli revealed: "My Premium Snapchat is the only place where fans can talk to me.

"My Snapchat subscribers can get to know me better, flirt and ask questions, I enjoy interacting with them.

"It's a lot of fun and I'm flattered that so many men enjoy watching me."

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