Model gets stomach tattoo removed after spending 12 years on it – and transforms

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A tattoo model has made the decision to get the huge inking on her stomach removed – and has shocked people with her transformation.

Brit Baylis, from Australia, often flaunts her hourglass figure in red-hot bikini snaps with her tattooed stomach and legs on full show.

But now, the 27-year-old has made the tough decision to fork out for laser removal after spending 12 years getting her body inked with art.

Having first sat in the tattoo chair at only 15, Brit has now plucked up the courage to get her fully tatted tum lasered.

The stunning model has documented her journey on TikTok, with one of her removal videos racking up a whopping 20 million views.

In one clip, Brit posed in a vibrant orange bikini top and bottoms that exposed her tattoos in all their glory.

Then after sharing another envy-worthy beachwear shot, the model laid down as a tattoo removal expert held a device and lasered off the intricate designs on her stomach.

Her inkings, which included patterns of flowers and a face of a woman, started to disappear as the laser made its way around her belly.

Brit explained: “During my removal I did seven sessions with six week intervals. So satisfying.

“I removed them because I got them when I was young and now unhappy with the quality.”

But, the model is not shunning the idea of having a tattooed body again in the future.

The dark haired beauty revealed that she is getting her stomach tattoos removed so she can get a ‘cover up’ tattoo in place.

She urged viewers to “follow” her to keep up to date with her inking journey – but Brit has yet to reveal much about the replacement body art.

Supportive of Brit’s choice, many people fled to the comments to praise her for doing what makes herself happy – and some viewers even related to the situation.

One person commented: “I liked your tattoos and I fully support your decision on removing them. You look great, always do what makes you happy.”

Another user added: “Good idea, I’d love to start all over again.”

While a third person voiced: “I’m planning to do the same with my arm tattoos. I hate them and it just reminds me of a low point in my life. Glad you’re doing what makes you happy!”

However, not everyone was so supportive of Brit’s decision to get her inkings removed let alone get them in the first place and so shared their shock.

One user noted: “Sad but you do you.”

Someone else criticised: “When you grandma tells you that those tattoos are permanent but you didn’t believe her till now kinda vibes.”

This user attacked: “Also removing thousands of dollars.”

Brit slammed: “Why is everyone so pressed about what I do with MY body and MY money.”

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