Money-saving ways to use your tea bags other than making a brew – The Sun

HAVING a cup of tea may be getting you and your loved ones through time spent indoors at the moment.

It’s true that a brew can lift your spirits in a time of crisis.

But did you know that the humble tea bag has several other uses?

Here are some tea-riffic money-saving ways to use them . . .

Shoe saver: Someone left smelly shoes lying about? Pop a couple of dry tea bags into the shoes and leave overnight or longer — they are great for soaking up moisture.

Air freshener: You can also hang dry, fragrant bags in your car or wardrobe as an air freshener. You just need a strong fragrance, such as chai or herbal tea. Get rid of bad food odours in your fridge by leaving a couple of tea bags in a bowl at the back.

Beauty treat: Tired, stressed eyes? We are all feeling it right now, so try using two bags that have been cooled until just warm, and place over your eyes to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

This works out much cheaper than buying an eye mask from the shops and is more readily available right now. If you have herbal or fragrant tea bags you can also pop one in a running bath for an aromatic soak.

Plant saviour: As long as they do not contain plastic (several brands use plastic to seal their tea bags) you can use them for composting. To add nutrients to your garden, steep used bags in a watering can and sprinkle over soil. The water can also double up as fertiliser for potted plants.

No mugs here: In need of a different kind of beverage? With bars and clubs shut you may be missing a cheeky cocktail fix.

But tea bags can be used to get the party started indoors. Steep Earl Grey with gin, or mint tea with rum, to make DIY cocktails.

Not only will you enjoy a tasty treat, you will be saving around £7 on a bar-bought drink. Every cloud, right?

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