Monster Munch ‘monster or claw’ debate finally settled by Walkers

It’s a question that’s divided the nation for years.

Are Monster Munch crisps shaped like monsters or claws?

While some insist the prongs look like legs of a cyclops, others say they’re more like a foot print.

But according to LeicestershireLive, there’s really no need to argue any more.

This week, Walkers confirmed Monster Munch will officially be claw-shaped moving forwards.

More than 60,000 Brits voted in an online Twitter poll to determine whether the snacks are claws or monsters – and the results speak for themselves.

The ‘claw’ emerged victorious, receiving 74% of the votes from UK crisp lovers and will be the new 'official' shape.

Walkers launched the poll last month after unveiling “new” special edition ‘Monster’ packs, containing “new” ‘monster’ shapes, alongside ‘Claw’ packs, containing the “original” ‘claw’ shaped snacks.

Fans were then asked to decide on the “official” shape once and for all via Twitter.

In addition to generating 60,489 votes, the poll received almost a quarter of a million (220,000) likes, comments and shares from excited fans, as well as several hundred posts using the trending hashtag #NewMonsterMunch.

Will Robinson at Walkers Snacks said: “Claw or monster is a debate that has continued to divide British opinion as much as whether or not you put jam or cream on your scone first.

“Therefore we felt it was only right to settle the debate once and for all, through launching our ‘Monster’ and ‘Claw’ shaped packs and asking the fans to decide – and now they have spoken.

“So moving forwards it won’t be open to debate – they are officially ‘claw’ shaped forever more.

“Or until our innovation team gets restless, at least.”

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