Mother of 3 Suffers Stroke While Teaching Jazzercise Class

"Rehab teaches you how to function with alternative methods for everyday tasks," she explains. "The more you practice and do the exercises they prescribe, the better the outcome and a sense of normalcy begins. With each tiny success comes the willingness to keep at it."

"It was frustrating not being able to move like before," adds Robinson. "… Returning to the stage was somewhat daunting. My instructors all came to class to support me for my first solo class. The support really helped with the nerves of being on stage again. Now, it’s feeling quite normal and right at home."

In an emotional Facebook post earlier this month, Robinson wrote that she feels she will "never be able to repay my gratitude to the women in class that night who not only got me the medical help I needed but doused me in prayer."

"For this, I have a lifetime of paying forward to do," she wrote. "I’m blessed to be alive. I’m blessed that I can walk again. I’m blessed that I can speak clearly again. I’m blessed that I can use my hand again. I’m blessed that my brain is healing. God is so good."

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