Mum-of-six shares money saving hack by making Aldi version of Lunchables for 56p

As the school holidays come to an end, parents up and down the country will be scurrying to buy items for their kids packed lunch.

However, with the current cost-of-living crisis, finding yummy and cheap snacks can be difficult.

But this single mum-of-six shared her savvy hack to make school appropriate meals on a budget.

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The parent, who runs TikTok account @the.wisdom.family7, decided to make her own version of Lunchers, formerly Lunchables.

The popular cracker stacking snack usually costs around £1.60, which would set the mum back £9.60 if she bought a pack each for her six children.

Although, her alternative version works out at 56p per person, or just over £3.30 for each of her kids.

She took to TikTok to share that she purchases the items needed for the DIY snack from Aldi and makes a large batch at home.

In the clip that racked up thousands of views, the nifty mum explained: "Homemade Lunchables From Aldi.

"Guys we went to Aldi and got some savoury crackers.

"I got some chicken, ham and cheese, the cheese I cut into quarters.

"I only used half of it, it was £1.35 so realistically, it was like 68p that I paid.

"Then I cut the chicken into quarters, the chicken and the ham were 85p each and the savoury crackers were 99p.

"So overall I paid £3.37 from Aldi for this huge plate of crackers, ham, cheese and chicken for the kids for lunch and they ate nearly all of it."

The at home cracker snacks certainly went down a treat with the kids, but they didn't manage to finish it all off.

Good job the family dogs were on hand to help!

"They didn’t eat it all but I gave the rest to the dogs," the mum said.

"They [the kids] really enjoyed this, they’ve literally been asking for this every day."

Elsewhere, mum Megan Micklewright has built up 40,000 Instagram followers after setting out on a mission to help fellow mums save money.

"I’ve seen family struggle with no money and I’ve never wanted to fall into the same shoes," she told us.

"So I’ve always felt the need to hold onto my money which has created the habit of constantly saving and being savvy with my money.

"Habits are more important than the amount you save.

"Saving little but often is just as important as saving big amounts. You can start saving with as little as you can, as long as you start!"

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