Mum raves about £1.40 Aldi product that clears mould from blinds in minutes

Cleaning enthusiasts have been raving about a £1.40 Aldi product.

Shoppers say the Mould Away spray works wonders in the bathroom.

And according to a frugal parent, it can be used on grimy blinds too.

On the Aldi Mums Facebook group, she wrote: “OK so I’m stuck inside and bored so thought I would finally tackle my blinds. So bad.

“New house and previous owner did not professional clean I don’t think.

“Well, I am a happy chipmunk because I found out Aldi’s Mould Away is brilliant.”

The mum covered half of the blinds in the spray, before wiping the grime off.

She left the other side covered in dirt, which highlights how dramatic the transformation is.

The Aldi shopper captioned the images: “Had to share for all those other clean peeps.

“Before and after below – nothing had worked before.”

Her post has racked up 300 likes and dozens of comments.

Many said they’d be trying out the Aldi product for themselves.

One Facebook user responded: “They look great! Reminder for me to re-do mine.”

Another said: “Ooh thanks for the tip. My blinds need cleaning.”

And a third added: “Love this stuff! I use it for cleaning most things.

“Works wonders on the bath.”

While many gushed over the product, some urged customers to read the instructions carefully before using it.

One commenter remarked: “Love this product – but make sure you wear a mask and open windows.”

A second urged: “Please note, don’t get drips of it on your clothes or carpet.

“It’s bleach and WILL remove colour.”

And another said: “Be careful to wipe off all the cleaner as it will turn yellow if left on for too long.

“I know from a previous mistake I made… it looks great though, you have done a wonderful job.”

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