Mum reveals her hack to protect her baby's head as she learns to walk

Softly, softly! Mother attaches SPONGES to shower caps to protect her toddler daughter’s head while learning to walk in clever parenting hack

  • Margarita Nemirovskaia, from Sochi, Russia, shared her clever parenting hack
  • Sewed sponges to caps that she males her 11-month-old daugther Lolya wear 
  • She said it soften the blow when Lilya fell as she learned to walk around house 

A crafty mother developed a clever hack to stop her daughter hurting her head while learning to walk. 

Margarita Nemirovskaia, from Sochi, Russia, decided to attach sponges to caps to create a DIY safety hat.

Sewing some kitchen sponges onto a variety of caps, Margarita tested this first with two-year-old Emilia before carrying on the tradition with 11-month-old Lilya. 

Mother-of-two Margarita Nemirovskaia, from Sochi, Russia, sewed sponges onto caps to create safety hats for their daughter, and the results are adorable (pictured)

Pictured: Lilya taking a break from her walk. The 11-months-old has been learned to stand on her own two feet and walk rather than crawl

Margarita, a mother-of-two, said: ‘The idea came to me suddenly. It lets the girls learn to stand and get used to the space around them but if they fall there’s no bumps or bruises.’

The idea came to Margarita after she found that helmets at stores didn’t suit Emilia’s head and were too large and heavy.

She sewed the sponges on several caps of different colours – matching the sponge’s shade to the hat – that fit her baby’s head.  

After finding the hat effective, Margarita started to record her eldest daughter Emilia in it to show her followers the useful hack.

Thanks to the hat, little Lilya, pictured, can explore the house as long as she wants, without Margarita panicking 

Margarita first tested the trick on her two-year-old daughter Emilia, and once she was convinced it was safe enough, put it on her 11-months-old baby Emilia, pictured

A very cute bonnet! Margarita sewed the sponges onto caps of different styles to mix things up 

She’s now used the same trick with Lilya and has recorded the 11-year-old as well. 

The adorable baby girl models the peculiar hats made of sponges like a pro. 

The sweet clips shows little Lilya as she wobbles around her mother’s house, smiling and laughing.

The sponges are sown on all the sides of Lilya’s head, including the back, so she can’t hurt her head if she falls 

Margarita recorded a video of Lilya with the hat on to show her followers. The family’s cat, pictured left and right, did not seem too bothered by uts peculiar appearance 

She said, ‘The idea is great, it softens the blow for if they do fall and lessens the chances of hurting themselves.

‘I had a lot of positive reactions to the video but did have a few negative ones too.

‘However, I would definitely recommend it, you can even sew more sponges on to offer more protection.’

Baby Lilya using the wall to rest as she learned to walk around the house. Margarita said the idea for the cap came to her suddenly

Walk time! Lilya stands against the family’s sofa as she prepares to go on an exploration, her safety hat on her head

Giving her best smile! Lilya is a happy ans safe baby thanks to her mother’s very unique hat hack 

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