Mums horrified by dirt shown by black light in otherwise spotless-looking homes

Black lights are normally used on documentary shows to highlight the dirty conditions in seedy motels.

But these mums were horrified to see that their seemingly spotless homes weren’t as clean as they thought when they were put under the UV ray.

On a Facebook group for Australian parents, one woman showed the difference between her stain-free tiles in normal light and then under black light.

She also posted pictures of her carpet, which looked absolutely immaculate normally but was strewn with stains under the light.

‘Witness the horror,’ she wrote, adding: ‘It’s amazing what you can’t see. No more debating getting rid of the carpet and putting down hard flooring now. It’s going.’

Black lights can be purchased on the likes of Amazon and eBay, and some of the commenters highlighted their use if you live with men who often miss the toilet when peeing.

These UV rays show up dirt from all sorts of substances. Materials like blood, urine, saliva, and semen absorb the light and appear to glow under the bulbs – whereas previously they’d have been invisible to the naked eye.

While some of those on the post loved the idea of being able to find hidden grime, others preferred the ‘ignorance is bliss’ approach.

One woman wrote: ‘I recommend not doing this, I repeat DO NOT do this. We did this and were horrified with what it showed up and where!

‘Unless you want to spend the rest of the year cleaning everything and I mean EVERYTHING, don’t get one.’

Another added: ‘Nope! I don’t think I want to know…I’d go nuts.

‘It’s bad enough keeping up with things now. I can see enough during daylight hours to keep me busy.’

It’s great for a crime scene, but perhaps a little much for our sanity when it comes to cleaning house.

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