Music star who lost 60 lbs reveals his weight loss secret weapon, more news

60-lbs. weight loss secret

Meet the unlikely new poster child for the old adage, “Everything in moderation.” Yep, Post Malone — the Grammy-nominated musician whose tatted-up style extends to his face, scalp and beyond — recently whittled down his physique by about 60 pounds. He credits the transformation to one big change in his diet: Cutting back on soda. “Soda is so bad. It’s so good, but so bad,” Post. 28, said on an August episode of the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast after the host gushed on-the-air about how “great” he looked. Post then confirmed he was down to 180 from 240 pounds.

The singer, rapper and producer previously hinted that soda played a big part in his slimdown, telling fans in an Instagram post in April that he was focused on “eating better,” drinking less alcohol and generally being “healthier” since welcoming his first child. Still, he admitted he hasn’t gone cold-turkey on his apparent vice of choice. “[If] I had a great show, and you know what, I’m feeling a little bit naughty,” he told Joe, “I’m gonna have myself a Coke on ice.”

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Pop star solidarity

Britney Spears got a subtle but strong vow of support from Pink this week amid news Britney’s husband, Sam Asghari, has filed for divorce. Footage of Pink’s Aug. 16 performance in Detroit shared by fans on social media shows the singer tweaking a lyric that references Britney to make it more positive. While belting out “Don’t Let Me Get Me” onstage at Comerica Park, Pink edited the line, “tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears” to “sweet Britney Spears.” The move prompted an audible wave of “aww” from the audience. Speaking to People in February 2023 about the 2001 track, Pink clarified her feelings about the “Toxic” singer. “People think I was picking on Britney on ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me,’ but I’ve always felt like a big sister to her,” Pink told the outlet at the time. “I’m very protective of her, and she’s the sweetest person in the world. I wish her well. I cover her in light all day long.”

After multiple days of headlines, Sam confirmed he and Britney were calling it quits on Aug. 17. “AFTER 6 YEARS OF LOVE AND COMMITMENT TO EACH OTHER MY WIFE AND I HAVE DECIDED TO END OUR JOURNEY TOGETHER. WE WILL HOLD ONTO THE LOVE AND RESPECT WE HAVE FOR EACH OTHER AND I WISH HER THE BEST ALWAYS,” he shared in an Instagram Stories post. He added, “S*** HAPPENS,” and asked “FOR EVERYONE TO BE KIND AND THOUGHTFUL.”

Love for Lizzo

Lizzo’s dance crews are vocalizing their support for the singer as she faces sexual harassment and toxic workplace allegations from three former backup dancers. On Aug. 17, the “Big Grrl” and “Big Boiii” dancers Lizzo toured with through this summer shared a lengthy letter of praise for their boss, detailing why they “had the time of our lives on The Special Tour” with her. “We have been so honored to share the stage with such an amazing talent,” the crews wrote, in part, on their official Instagram accounts. “The commitment to character and culture taking precedence over every movement and moment has been one of the Greatest lessons and Blessings that we could possibly could ask for. THANK YOU to Lizzo for shattering limitations and kicking in the door way for the Big Grrrl & Big Boiii Dancers to do what we love!”

The dancers’ gratitude post comes less than a month after three former dancers filed suit against Lizzo, claiming they were subjected to sexual harassment, weight-shaming and more toxic behavior on the job. “These sensationalized stories are coming from former employees who have already publicly admitted that they were told their behavior on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional,” Lizzo said in a statement on social media amid news of the lawsuit. “I know what it feels like to be body shamed on a daily basis and would absolutely never criticize or terminate an employee because of their weight.”

In their letter this week, the current backup dancers added: “You have created a platform where we have been able to parallel our passion with a purpose! Not only for us, but for women and all people breaking barriers. So grateful that the standards and existence of beauty in this team goes beyond the surface!”

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Fresh-faced beauty

Michelle Pfeiffer marked a major Instagram milestone on Aug. 17, and she celebrated her new Insta-echelon with a gorgeous, makeup-free selfie. “3M followers. Thank you all for hanging out with me here!! 🤍,” Michelle, 65, captioned the fresh-faced shot. Her post earned plenty of love from fans as well as famous friends like Selma Blair, who recalled Michelle’s 2019 Instagram debut. “I remember when you first showed up here …and it was like finding ruby slippers!” Selma wrote in the comments. “You are solid gold.” Holland Taylor, Michelle’s “One Fine Day” co-star, also chimed in with praise, telling the star, “You are SO beautiful. Always so jazzed that I once played your mother!” Chelsea Handler, Rita Wilson, Tatum O’Neal, Rosanna Arquette and more of Michelle’s fellow Tinseltown peers left hearts and warm words in the comments, as well.

For her first post on the platform back in 2019, the “Scarface” and “Dangerous Liaisons” alum opted for a clip from her turn as a slinky, latex-clad Catwoman in 1992’s “Batman Returns.” “MEOW Instagram,” she captioned the post.

Bud Light surprise

Kid Rock’s opposition to Bud Light has apparently taken a backseat to his thirst for the stuff — just four months after he railed against the brand for partnering with transgender activist and influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Despite his angry posts about the beer brand, one of which featured the country singer and bar owner shooting Bud Light cans with an assault-style rifle, Kid himself was spotted drinking a Bud Light in Nashville, Tennessee, on Aug. 17, according to photos published by TMZ the following day. Snapped at Colt Ford’s concert, the pics also show the folks Kid was mingling with at the venue knocking back cans of Bud Light. Dylan’s one-off ad spot for the beer sparked a wave of controversy, with beer fans both for and against her brief endorsement deal sounding off on social media. At one point over the summer, Dylan told her own social media followers she’d fled the country, having begun to feel unsafe at home in the United States.

Star-studded 80th

Robert De Niro rang in his 80th birthday on Aug. 17 with a celebrity-packed party in New York City. The two-time Oscar winner arrived at the bash at Locanda Verde restaurant with his girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, who welcomed the couple’s new daughter in April, making Robert a proud father of seven. Other celebrity guests who joined the legendary film star for the occasion included Paul McCartney and his wife, Nancy Shevell, Uma Thurman and her father, Robert Thurman, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert’s “Deer Hunter” co-star, Christopher Walken, along with his wife Georgianne. Director-pals in attendance included Martin Scorsese, George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola, who wished Robert a happy birthday on social media earlier in the day, sharing a throwback pic from their film, “Godfather II.”

Robert was reportedly treated to a custom birthday cake, decorated to look like the Greenwich Hotel. (The party site, Locanda, co-owned by Robert, is located inside the venue, along with his Tribeca Film Center.) Inside the cake-version of the hotel was a small, presumably sweet Tribeca Screening Room replica, People reported. It featured Robert on the tiny screen inside along with the words, “Happy 80th Birthday Bob!” Check out more pics from Robert De Niro’s 80th by clicking here …

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