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DEAR DEIDRE: MY best friend has ghosted me and replaced me with another guy. When I said I was upset, she told me to grow up and move on.

I’m male and we’re both 18 and have been mates since the start of college.

Since September, she doesn’t want to hang out. She’s got into a new group of friends and has started spending time with the other guy, calling him her bestie.

Now she’s not replying to my messages. I’m hurt and miss her so much. What can I do?

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DEIDRE SAYS: She’s treated you poorly and even blames you for feeling hurt.

She’s the immature one. You deserve better than this.

Sometimes friendships do run their course. It is painful, but time will make it easier.

It’s best to develop other friendships. My support pack, Widening Your Social Scene, should help.


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