My football career ended in scandal but I now earn £500k as a OnlyFans model, says Instagram beauty Maddie Wright | The Sun

STUNNING Madelene Wright thought that her world had collapsed when she was sacked by Charlton Women.

The 23-year-old was left devastated after photos emerged of the blonde beauty inhaling from a balloon at a party and swigging champagne while at the wheel of her Range Rover on a night out with friends in 2019.

But, through a twist of fate, the scandal rocketed her to stardom and a career in social media influencing.

Now, her Instagram has swelled to over 250,000 followers, brands are queuing up for a piece of her, and she lives an envious lifestyle travelling around the globe in luxury.

Last year, Madelene made the decision to sign up to OnlyFans – a website that allows content makers to monetise images and videos from subscribing followers.

Incredibly, she has earned £500,000 since joining the controversial site- more than any pro footballer in the women's game today.

SunSport spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Wright about her heartbreaking sacking, the fear of letting family and friends down, and redemption becoming an overnight success story.

And she revealed she still dreams of being a professional footballer, a year after she was sacked

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Charlton Women

In December 2020, Madelene was front-page news when Snapchat videos showed her inhaling balloons at a party and drinking from a champagne bottle in her Range Rover Evoque.

Charlton Women launched an investigation that resulted in letting the talented player go.

Wright received a phone call from her team manager, who told her what was coming, before the club chairman delivered the news he was cancelling her contract.

Recalling the incident, Madelene told SunSport: "I was young, I was messing around with friends, and I didn't really understand the position I was in and responsibility I had.

"I loved Charlton, my coaches and team mates so the decision left me heartbroken.

"When you play for a football team, they become your family so to step away from that was hard.

"After I was sacked, I started thinking if I would be able to play football again, what level I'd be able to play, and will other teams want me at their club.

"When it all happened, I also understood how many people I had let down.

"I used to coach at a young girls' academy and the kids looked up to me and always asked me for advice.

"I felt guilty, embarrassed and disappointed in myself that I showed myself in that light."

Instagram blew up

Earning notoriety, and boasting enviable looks, Madelene's social media blew up after the scandal.

From 20,000 followers during her Charlton heyday, she soon saw her popularity on Instagram rise. She now has 261,000 followers.

Clothing brands and swimsuit companies got in touch. The football world didn't completely forget about her either.

Madelene revealed: "With what happened, it did open up a lot of doors for me in other industries.

"And It happened very quickly, a lot of brands started getting in touch.

"A couple of clothing brands, bikini companies, and some sports companies wanted to work with me.

"One company even offered me a football boot deal.

"It was almost like one career had ended, while another one was just beginning."

With fame came the haters

But, despite many well-wishers championing her new found success, she also had to deal with jealous online trolls.

"I had a lot of hate on social media from people telling me I should be ashamed of what I did and I'll never be a footballer again," she said.

"It wasn't nice. I am a strong person and tend not to let things bother me, but I admit it did have an affect on me.

"All I could think was that everyone in the football world hated me.

"After time, I just learned to ignore the horrible comments and messages I was getting and now I don't read them."


While Instagram provided Madelene with a platform to showcase her personality and good looks, OnlyFans gave the Londoner an opportunity to monetise her popularity.

She launched her account with the fan sharing website last year, selling subscriptions for £24-a-month.

She provides content that tantalises fans – with photos and videos wearing bikinis, football tops and lingerie. Harmless fun.

However, Madelene had reservations in joining OnlyFans which had developed a reputation for showing pornography and allegedly allowing prostitutes to solicit sex.

"My main reason not to do it was the reputation it had," Wright explained. "I didn't want to be associated with that kind of thing.

"But when you weigh up the pros and cons, and after doing it for a full year, I know I made the right decision.

"It was and still is a concern for me because I don't want people getting that kind of perception about me."

Financially Wright has reaped the rewards since joining OnlyFans. It was a decision that completely changed her life.

"In the first year I made in the ballpark of half a million pounds," Wright divulged. "I can't lie, it has completely changed my life.

"I was able to get my own place, I have been able to travel the world and have enjoyed a lot of luxurious things."

Despite money rolling in, Wright doesn't see OnlyFans as a place for her future. Eventually, she believes it will be a stepping stone to greater things.

"I want to start my own business and became an entrepreneur and step away from the stereotype and be looked at as a business woman," she said.

"The main thing for me is to get into property, which is something I've always wanted to do since I was a footballer. I want to build an empire.

"For me, I think it is important for everyone to realise that you can start again.

"When my scandal happened I thought that was it and I didn't know how I was going to move past it.

"But, there's always a new day and always a fresh start. Everyone has a past, you can't change it.

"As long as you learn from your mistakes, make the right moves going forward, there is light at the end of the tunnel."

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