My girlfriend is threatening to leave me because I had sex with another girl

DEAR DEIDRE: MY girlfriend is threatening to leave me because I had sex with another girl.

People say she’s my cousin. It was all an accident.

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My girlfriend and I are both 21 and have been together for two years. She works at a superstore and I had a part-time job there before I got my apprenticeship to train as an electrician.

We’re mostly great together though she can be possessive.

We were invited to our mate’s barbecue party last month but my girlfriend had to work, so I went on my own.

By the end of the night I’d had so much to drink I couldn’t think straight.

This gorgeous girl came on to me. She was a bit younger than me with an amazing figure.

I was outrageously drunk but I could feel there were bits of me working OK.

We walked down to the end of the garden where there were some shrubs and we were out of sight.


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We were both feeling tired so we lay on the ground and she started to kiss me and play with the zip of my jeans.

I pretended to push her away but she knew I was keen. We had sex on the grass and I wish I could say it was great but I hardly remember a thing.

The next day, I felt really guilty. Then my mate called and made me feel worse.

He told me the girl is the daughter of the guy my aunt is shacking up with and that makes her my cousin.

I don’t even know the guy and had no idea about the girl. Now word has got around that I had sex with this girl and my girlfriend has got to hear about it. She is beyond mad with me.

She says it’s not just that I cheated but it was with someone in my family.

She says she would always feel humiliated around them and reckons she’s going to leave me. I keep telling her it was an accident but she doesn’t believe me.

DEIDRE SAYS: You didn’t know this girl and she’s not your cousin just because her dad and your aunt are now an item.

Even if she were it’s not a banned relationship, but that’s hardly the point.

You cheated on your girlfriend and the whole world knows. Of course she feels desperately angry and hurt.

How was this an accident? If you mean you were too drunk to care what you did and with whom, then how does she know it won’t happen again?

If you don’t want to lose her then pull out all the stops to show her you are sorry. Buy her a present, write her a poem, whatever it takes.

Tell her you are going to cut down on the drink – and mean it. Promise you will never hurt her in this way again.

You will just have to hope she will forgive you. Many wouldn’t.

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