My man is convinced I bedded someone else and refuses to speak to me

DEAR DEIDRE: THE love of my life is convinced I cheated and won’t let me prove him wrong.

We met on a dating app last March and everything was going great. He’s 29, I’m 26.

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But it all changed a few weeks ago when I spent the night at a friend’s house.

She had broken up with her boyfriend and didn’t want to be alone.

I forgot to tell my boyfriend and when he arrived at my flat in the morning, my car wasn’t there of course.

When I returned home later, he erupted.

He thought I’d cheated on him.

I denied it but he wouldn’t believe me.

He broke up with me on the spot and now refuses to speak to me.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your boyfriend sounds very insecure. Perhaps he has been cheated on and lied to in the past.

You can try again to convince him of your innocence, perhaps by email, but there is no point wasting your time doing so again and again.

If he is not ready to listen, you are better off moving on with your life.

I am sending you my support pack Mending A Broken Heart to help.

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