My son has been selling drugs on nights out and I think I should call the police – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAVE discovered my son has been selling drugs to older guys on his nights out.

Should I go to the police?

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I confronted him and he says he has stopped, but I have told him I’ll have no choice but to go to the police if I find he’s doing it again.

My son is 20. I’m his mum, aged 48.

He starts work at the end of this month so I’m hoping it will all stop once he has a decent wage coming in.

I worry that if I tell the police I’ll end up with the older guys on my back as well as ruining my son’s employment prospects.

DEIDRE SAYS: You should get some advice from FRANK before going to the police.

It is the drugs information and help service (, 0300 123 6600).

Tell your son calmly that you know what he’s been doing, and he needs help if he isn’t to wreck his future life.

Spell it out that he is putting both of you at risk.

Hold back on ranting at him as this will only worsen the problem.

But be firm with your boundaries, and do go to the police if you ever feel unsafe.

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