My virgin son, 29, spouts hate against women and I fear he’ll do something stupid – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: OUR son spends his free time spouting hate against women. I’m scared he’ll do something stupid.

He’s 29 and a virgin, and can’t cope with still being involuntarily celibate at the age of 30.

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He stays in bed most of the day and is up all night on his computer.

One day I saw he was on a particular Incel forum. I noted his username and logged on later to look at some of his posts. They’re vile. He talks about women like they’re pieces of meat and glorifies rape.

He takes photos of women on the street and shares them with his friends where they all make really derogatory comments about their bodies.

He plays the victim and says girls reject him but I’m not sure he’s even tried talking to a girl. He is intelligent but won’t make any effort to get a job and resists all efforts to help him.

DEIDRE SAYS: Yes, I do understand your fears. Your son’s behaviour is shocking and potentially illegal. Reporting him may feel hard but, while he may not himself plan to harm a woman, he could be helping wind up someone else who will.

You can both find support through CALM (, 0800 585858).

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