My wife used to sleep around but she has never once initiated sex with me – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: BEFORE we met my wife slept around, but in our 26 years of marriage she has never once initiated sex.

I find it so hurtful and it makes me feel worthless. I’m thinking of leaving.

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We met when we were in our early twenties. She had a reputation then for being “loose” but that didn’t bother me as she was warm and loving.

Now our kids have left home I thought we’d start having more fun but she never says she wants sex with me. It’s always down to me to make the first move.

DEIDRE SAYS: Her early sexual partners probably had little do to with longing for sex and more with looking for love.

She’s found that with you so stop feeling threatened and look at the strengths of what you share inside and outside the bedroom.

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