Nando’s delivery across whole of UK for first time ever – new VAT prices list

Nando’s is passing “100 percent of the benefits” from the tax break to its customers. This means cheaper chicken for fans.


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All hot food from Nando’s will fall in price as delivery becomes possible across the whole of the UK.

The new prices mean there will be 55p off a quarter of a chicken.

The family chicken meal, including two whole chickens, will be cut in price by £5.45.

It is being slashed in price from £43.70 to £38.25.

What will the new Nandos prices be?

Halloumi sticks and dip starter: was £3.95, now £3.45

¼ peri-peri chicken on its own: was £4.25, now £3.70

¼ peri-peri chicken with two, regular sides: was £7.75, now £6.75

½ peri-peri chicken on its own: was £7.70, now £6.75

½ peri-peri chicken with two regular sides: was £11.20, now £9.80

10 peri-peri chicken wing roulette: was £10.95, now £9.60

Family platter of two whole chickens and five large sides: was £43.70, now £38.25.

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Delivery is taking place via the Nando’s app.

The restaurant said on Twitter: “Our teams are working within smaller teams in order to ensure they can practise social distancing while preparing meals safely.

“We’ve lowered the catchment area to help the team get used to these ways of working.

“As confidence grows, as will our catchment area.”


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Those who don’t fall in this area can order on click and collect.

In other sad food news, Pizza Express is closing 75 branches across the UK. 

According to Sky News, the final number of closures is yet to be agreed upon.

Nigel Frith, senior market analyst at said: “This constant flow of unemployment within the hospitality industry is continuing to rise and rise and it’s not surprising if there are hardly any restaurants left after the pandemic. It will be interesting to see if closing 75 stores will do any good for the chain – August might be the decider for Pizza Express

“Closing 75 out of 470 restaurants within the UK doesn’t seem to much in the grand scheme of things, but when it comes to employees being out of work – the hospitality trade is hardly recruiting at this moment in time, for all we know it could be a lot more stores than we think.”

Costa Coffee has launched a new honeycomb drink range.

The limited edition drinks collection is available UK-wide from today.

They honeycomb flavour range features most coffee flavours, and even lemonade.

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