Nestlé settles debate over nation’s favourite Quality Street chocolates

The great Quality Street debate always rages at this time of the year – but finally it appears we have some answers.

Everyone has their favourites and the ones they leave until last, but when it comes to putting the tasty sweets into order not many people agree.

Now the makers Nestlé has revealed which of the twist-wrapped treats really are the most popular with Brits.

The Quality Street website launched six weeks ago and it has offered some vital clues.

GetSurrey report that they have experienced huge demand for its personalised tins.

So we have some answers as to what sweets people really do love the most.

The most popular choice is…. drum roll….. the Purple One.

But, Nestlé say it is close – as the Green Triangle currently ranks second.

Fruit Crèmes take third and fourth spots for Strawberry Delight and Orange Crème.

The Caramel Swirl is stranded in fifth place.

But the least loved appears to be the Toffee Finger, with fewest orders.

However – if you are team toffee – you still have a chance to claw back some respect for your beloved favourite.

Orders for Christmas delivery are open until December 10 so there is still plenty of time for the leader board to change.

Ellie Dent, Senior Brand Manager for Quality Street, said: “We knew that the web shop would be popular, but it has outperformed all our expectations since its launch.

"We’re delighted by the reaction but sorry that orders are taking longer to dispatch than we had hoped.

“We would like to assure customers that we have put in a series of measures to help manage the high demand, and that we are working around the clock to speed up delivery times. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

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