Netflix introduces new restrictions for younger viewers after dropping streaming quality

Netflix is making some more changes. After pledging to drop the streaming quality of its hugely-successful video on-demand platform in a bid to ease the strain on broadband networks across the UK and Europe, the Californian company has introduced more new changes. The latest update arrives on the browser experience as well as Netflix’s comprehensive suite of mobile apps.

The most significant tweaks come in the form of an entirely revamped set of parental controls. Netflix now gives parents tighter controls over what their children can watch via the streaming service.

One of the most useful changes allows parents to filter out content based on the age rating. So, if you’re happy for your children to binge anything rated up to 12+ then you’re now able to specify that in the Netflix settings. That should make it much faster for parents or guardians to quickly excise a whole portion of shows and movies they don’t want children accessing without adult supervision.

Not only that, but you can block individual titles if there are any that you feel push the limits of their age rating. Or, if there is a particular subject area that you’d rather your young ones aren’t exposed to – you can add these to a filter list for any of the Kids profiles linked to your account.

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These changes are hugely timely as millions of people across the world practice social distancing by staying at home in a bid to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. Schools have shut nationwide in the UK, with only children of key workers – like those working on the frontline in the NHS, or deliveries – able to leave their kids in class as usual. As such, many parents now find themselves with children in the home almost 24 hours a day.

In the latest round of tweaks for Netflix users, the company has enabled parents to check a detailed breakdown of exactly what their children have been watching. Not only that, but they can now switch off auto-play to stop episodes running into one another. That should help bring Paw Patrol marathons to a close a little earlier than they otherwise would – especially if you’re in back-to-back Zoom meetings in the other room.

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If you’re the account holder, you’ll be able to see all of these changes – and the new content filters and controls for every profile associated with your billing information – in your account settings.

Finally, Netflix now lets you PIN-protect an entire profile. Until now, you only had the ability to PIN protect certain age-restricted content. This should stop children being able to login into your main profile, instead of the designated Kids profile, and accessing content you’d rather not let them binge.

It also means parents won’t have to keep inputting the PIN each time they want to watch their box set when younger viewers have gone to bed. Once they’ve logged into the profile, everything will be unlocked and ready to watch.

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