New Yorker Asks Neighbor Out Via Drone, Goes On Date While Inside Inflatable Bubble

“Depending on how long this quarantine lasts, I might be in a long distance relationship with someone who lives across the street from me,” he quipped.

If you thought dating during quarantine was impossible…think again.

A 28-year-old Brooklyn photographer, Jeremy Cohen, went viral after he used a drone to ask out his neighbor, who he calls the "quarantine cutie." And now he’s taken it to the next level by going on a date with the woman, named Tori, while standing in a giant, inflatable ball to practice social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak.

It all began earlier this month when Jeremy shared a TikTok video where he said he noticed Tori dancing on her rooftop and "needed to say hi to her." He then grabbed his drone, wrote his phone number on a piece of paper, and taped it on to it.

"Flirting is often daunting for me, but since I’ve been quarantined in my apartment for over a week now, I’ve been craving some social interaction," he said in a voiceover of the clip. "2020 has been off to a terrible start, but I still needed to shoot my shot!"

Jeremy said he received a text from Tori an hour later and he asked her on a date. Since the two couldn’t obviously go on a real date, Jeremy coordinated with Tori’s roommate to set up a little table on her roof. Jeremy went out on his balcony and they had a socially-distant meal, communicating over FaceTime.

"Depending on how long this quarantine lasts, I might be in a long distance relationship with someone who lives across the street from me," he quipped in the video.

But the best was yet to come as Jeremy then brought out what he described as his "most romantic gesture." The photographer got inside of a large plastic ball and walked — and rolled — over to Tori’s front door.

"Okay it’s time for my boldest move yet, hope she doesn’t burst my bubble," he recalled in the clip. "I needed to see her but I also wanted to respect the fact that we should be social distancing. I crossed the street and texted Tori to come outside and look to the left."

And Tori’s reaction was priceless.

Though Jeremy brought flowers and hand sanitizer, he didn’t fully think it through as he couldn’t give them to her while he was inside the bubble, but it was the thought that counted.

Jeremy shared a montage of them going for a "lovely walk in the neighborhood" as they practiced social distancing. At one point police stopped them, but it turned out they just wanted a selfie after seeing Jeremy on the news.

Understandably, the creative and romantic date has since gone viral as the world could use some much needed positivity at the moment. Jeremy, who shared the TikTok videos on his Twitter page, urged his fans to donate to Help Main Street and Feeding America. He also said he might auction off his bubble to help out healthcare workers and those on the frontline.

Watch it all go down in the video above.

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