Nikki Bella On Why Therapy Is in Her & Artem Chigvintsev’s Future

When work, life and family all become too much, therapy is a powerful and helpful tool for people who are balancing it all and want fresh-eyed, thoughtful guidance for making it through all the bumps and curves thrown their way. For Nikki Bella and her partner Artem Chigvintsev, who just welcomed their little boy Matteo this past spring, they are looking at ways to be proactive and get some of those sweet pro-tips early by getting into therapy together early on.

In an interview with Tamron Hall (also featuring her sister Brie), Bella shared how she had been so vocal and openly supportive about Chigvintsev heading back to work at Dancing With The Stars she didn’t really realize how immediately she’d feel his absence in their parenting team: “I was so supportive and pushing him out the door to go do dancing and after he left I was like ‘oh my gosh, what did I do? I need him!’ — and so it was really hard.”

She’d told Tamron that therapy was totally in the cards for the couple and that they’d get started on it after the season wraps up. But instead of it being in response to problems, she says that, for them, this is a decision about training up and strengthening themselves as partners and parents to be able to handle whatever comes next.

“It’s mainly just to be amazing parents and knowing how to balance parent life out and also our own relationship,” Bella said. “Because Artem and I don’t ever want to have a struggle. We plan on being married and we hear a lot of stories where there’s sacrifice in their own relationship because its about the kids. Artem and I from the beginning want to know: how do we balance this for Matteo and for our relationship?”

Going to therapy as an individual and/or a couple is such a great self-care strategy if you feel like there’s gaps in information about yourself or your relationship or you really want an extra set of eyes and ears to help you make the most positive, healthy decisions for yourself and your family. And being proactive about mental healthcare and taking preventative steps to be ready for challenges is such a powerful and refreshing approach. Way to go, Bellas!

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