Nikki Bella One-Ups Her Own Naked Pregnant Pic With…a Belly Dance Video

Nikki Bella, one half of the pregnant Total Bellas twin pair taking 2020 internet by storm (the other, perhaps less frequently naked sister is Brie Bella) has been getting plenty of eyes on her Instagram since last week, when she shared a gorgeous naked pregnant pic to celebrate hitting the 21-week mark of baby-cooking. And now it appears she has one-upped her own naked preggo pic by sharing a pregnant belly dance video on her Instagram Live, complete with fiancé Artem Chigvintsev measuring and exclaiming over her now-45-inch stomach. Seems like kiddo is growing just fine in there, congrats!

Bella did plenty of dancing in the IG live video (with Chigvintsev lurking somewhat oddly nearby; “He’s literally gonna watch his pregnant fiancée do 300 abs!” Bella said in the video). She then added a video post to her Instagram, also of her belly dancing — this time belly-out in a cute skirt — aka trying to “find my inner @shakira,” she wrote.

Honestly, more power to her for keeping up with exercise at the pregnancy midpoint. However, PSA for all pregnant people who do not feel up to “do 300 abs” at 21 weeks: You absolutely do not have to! Whether you’re suffering from joint pain, hyperemesis gravidarum, prenatal depression, or the plain-old quarantine blues, you do not have to do anything that is not exactly what feels right for you, your body, your brain, and your fetus. End soapbox.

While Nikki seems to be adjusting great to pregnancy (even while self-isolated, #props), she admitted to People that the whole thing did come as a surprise — particularly the matching sister pregnancies with Brie. “I never thought ever that we would even be raising kids within a few years apart,” Nikki told the publication in January 2020. “When she found out her due date and I found out mine — we’re a week and a half apart. Then I was like, ‘This is weird.’”

But it’s clear Brie, who is already mom to 2-year-old daughter Birdie, is a pretty great (and hilarious) pregnancy influence on her twin.

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