Nip/Tuck's Kelly Carlson Reveals She's Making 'Knives, Sheaths' For Military Now

“I’ve never done anything so profound before,” she told Fox News.

Kelly Carlson stopped by Fox News to give an update on her life as a “military wife,” saying she now enjoys making “knives and sheaths” for law enforcement professionals.

During a Friday appearance on Tammy Bruce’s show, the former “Nip/Tuck” star went into detail on how she moved to San Diego with her survival specialist and Navy chief husband, Dan Stanchfield, after a successful career as a model and actress.

“I did leave Los Angeles in 2015 because my husband Dan — Tracker Dan — is based on Coronado and we needed to be closer and my business motto in life is: ‘Sounds great, let’s go do it!'”

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“And so I was really excited about being a military wife — completely different from anything in my life I’ve ever experienced and it’s been so grounding and just really fun and completely a different world than I’m used to,” she continued.

“I love new experiences. I like being challenged.”

As for the chance at another Hollywood chapter, Kelly said, “It would have to be a really big deal to go back up there.”

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Now worlds apart from Tinseltown, Kelly explained to Tammy what makes her happy in her new role.

“I just follow [Dan] around,” she said with a laugh. “No — but I do kind of. Dan is the star of the family and I love it.”

“We make knives. And I make the sheaths. And I’ve never made anything with my hands before,” she continued. “And when I can hand a knife and a sheath off to law enforcement or someone in the military — it’s really cool. I’ve never done anything quite that profound before. So I love it.”

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“Dan can be in the spotlight and I can be behind carrying his bags. “

After correcting Tammy on Dan being a “chief” in the Navy and not an “officer,” Kelly said her husband has only a few years left in the service.

“Then we’ll be doing knives full time probably, hopefully.”

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When asked how she would encourage people to find happiness over money and fame, Kelly replied that she can only relay her own experience in making such a move.

“I’m someone who follows what I want to do in my gut and nothing can stop me and so it’s an easy choice for me to leave a lot of money or fame — to go do something that my heart really wants to do,” she said. “And I think you have to be that kind of person because fame and money is really powerful and — don’t get me wrong I love it too — but it’s not everything for me and I’m fulfilling other things in my life that I never learned to do before.”

“I’m kind of a spirit that you can’t stop. So If I want to go be a military wife or go make knives, that’s what’s gonna happen,” she added.

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Last year, during an Instagram Q&A, Kelly told her fans she met Dan when she hired him for her own personal security in 2012, following issues with a stalker. He was the one who taught her how to use a firearm, “because I felt like I needed one.” She revealed she’s also a range safety officer.

Calling it a “total cliche,” Kelly said Dan was “totally professional” with her. “That was a big deal,” she said of his help, “because that was an awful moment in time. It was really, really stressful.”

He has never watched the show, with Kelly admitting he’d probably be “shocked” by her in it if he ever did. “I’m kind of a goody goody, I am a little bit,” she said. “I’m a little bit of a rule follower. I didn’t used to be, but I am now.”

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