NOT so subtle ways self-entitled people have got their point across

I always get what I want! Hilarious snaps reveal the outlandish antics of VERY self-entitled people – from a driver parking across two disabled spaces to a trolley full of toilet roll

  • Traveler Door rounded up viral photos of the world’s most self-entitled people
  • Among the images is a man holding a raw fish to stop anyone sitting on a train
  • Another snap shows a truck positioned to block two disabled parking bays 

Most of us avoid confrontation when we see self-entitled behaviour but it’s difficult to see these snaps and not want to intervene.

Traveler Door has rounded up a selection of photos from around the world of arrogant people behaving badly – from a man holding a dead fish on a train to a driver parking across two parking bays.

There was also a supermarket shopper who walked away with a trolley full of toilet roll and a spoilt child unhappy with their expensive headphones. 

Here, FEMAIL rounds up some of the most infuriating examples… 

Traveler door has rounded up a selection of viral images showing self-entitled people, including a man who boarded a train with a raw fish

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Space for one! A driver visiting a fast food restaurant used their truck to block two disabled parking bays 

One person who observed three guests filling their plates at a buffet restaurant, slammed the wasted food left behind and lack of tip

Another individual photographed the large quantities of toilet tissue being bought by a hoarder in a supermarket 

Love has to be bought! A child took to SnapChat to complain their mother purchased the wrong wireless earphones 

One person who lives in the U.S, was stunned that their mother would threaten to clean with their toothbrush after repeatedly leaving urine on the toilet seat

Another woman vented the frustration of repeatedly asking a man to stop invading her space on a flight 

Putting in work! A man who was disappointed with his grades, decided to hold his university accountable and sue the institution 

One woman appeared on a U.S news channel, after threatening to steal from McDonald’s because they didn’t provide enough dipping sauce 

Another photo shows how a parent allowed their child to play with an umbrella in a crowded carriage, while other passengers were forced to stand

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