Now TV account: How many people can watch Now TV from one account?

Now TV continues to bolster its library with new and classic TV shows, live sports and film premieres. Now TV accounts can work on multiple devices – here is what you need to know.

How many devices can view Now TV from a single account?

Users can add up to six devices and watch on two devices at the same time.

This can be extended to three for those with Now TV Boost.

Users can also include one smartphone for those owning a Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass.

Once you have added devices up to your allotted maximum, you can make three changes to your devices each month.

This means that you might still be unable to add new devices when you are not using your maximum allowance, because one or more of your slots may be blocked.

If one of your device slots is blocked Now TV will indicate when you can add a device.


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How to swap one device for another:

If you have already added six devices to a Now TV account, you will need to remove one to watch Now TV on a new device.

To remove a device, simply select the trash icon next to it in Devices.

You will be presented with a message informing you can add a new device this – or warning if you cannot.

Now TV will also ask you to confirm you want to remove the Now TV device.

You can then start watching on your new device, and it will be automatically added.

How to stop someone else from using my Now TV account:

Users sometimes share their Now TV details with someone, but subsequently no longer want them to use their account.

However, removing their device from your device list will not prevent them from using it again.

You will instead need to change your password, then force a logout for all devices.

The next time that person tries to watch, they will need to sign in with your new password.

Remember you will also be required to sign back in on all your devices next time you watch Mow TV.


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How to rename a Now TV -activated device:

You can rename a device you have added to make it easier to recognise.

Simply select Rename next to the device in Devices and enter the new name.

Should you have two or more of the same device in your house, Now TV recommends renaming one of them so you can tell which is which.

Use the Last used date to help you tell the difference between two devices with identical names.

Why does my Windows device appear twice in my device list?

If you notice your Windows 10 or Windows 8 device is listed twice in Devices, this is because there is more than one way you can watch Now TV on your device.

You can watch Now TV through the app from the Windows Store and with the Now TV Player.

Each of these counts as a separate device, meaning if you watch Now TV using both methods, two of your available six devices will be used up.

Now TV consequently recommends sticking to one way of watching to avoid using up device slots.

If your device is already listed twice, you can remove a device to free up a slot.

Look at the ‘last used’ date in Devices to help you tell which is which.

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