NYC rooftop videos prove life goes on under coronavirus lockdown

Life goes on under lockdown — and this peekaboo photographer is proving it.

Jeremy “Jerm” Cohen has been using his drone to document New York City’s bustling rooftop-culture as the days of the coronavirus quarantine drag on.

So far, the 28-year-old Brooklynite — and Instagram star with 472,000 followers — has captured his stir-crazy neighbors taking to their rooftops to dance like fools, work out, paint and even play tennis to escape the confines of their tiny NYC apartments.

“Self-isolation has been weird,” said Cohen, a professional lensman who actually shoots campaigns for high-profile clients such as Adobe, American Express and Nike when he’s not spying on his neighbors.

“I’m an outgoing guy, so being quarantined in my tiny space makes me crave some human interaction.”

That’s probably why this isn’t his first brush with viral video notoriety.

He’s racked up more than 6.6 million views on Twitter since March — when he posted his “meet cute” moment with a gal who was equally bored on lockdown. Yes, he was peeping out his window when he spotted a PYT on her rooftop across the way.

The thoroughly modern romance started when he waved to her and she waved back, so he decided to take it a step further — with his drone.

“I thought she was really cute from far away,” Cohen told The Post. “During this quarantine, I think everyone is fiending for social interaction. I was like, ‘Oh my god, a girl. I haven’t seen one for so long.’ ”

He eventually met up with the rooftop cutie, but it appears the love connection was short-lived — with some social media watchdogs questioning whether it was staged.

However, the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, native used his newfound viral clout to promote two timely initiatives: Help Main Street, which is a way to buy gift cards for struggling small businesses, and Feeding America, a food bank organization.

“I don’t want to be selfish,” Cohen told The Post. “I am just trying to use this for some good.”

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