Odette Annable Reveals She Suffered Third Pregnancy Loss

“We love you always and forever little angel.”

Odette Annable has suffered a heartbreaking loss.

On Wednesday, the 36-year-old actress took to Instagram to share that she and her husband Dave had lost a baby. Odette — who shares 5-year-old daughter Charlie with David — suffered two miscarriages in the past.

The “Supergirl” star’s Instagram post featured two black-and-white photos: one of herself cradling her growing baby bump with one hand, above, and another of her husband kissing her belly.

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“NOT A PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT. The one thing that was certain was how Dave and I both felt when I found out I was pregnant,” she began in the post’s caption. “We were elated.”

“After having two miscarriages after Charlie and after our personal journey as a couple, we finally felt like we were in the right place and our gift was this baby in my belly,” continued Odette, who separated from her husband in October 2019, before later reconciling in August 2020.

“I was 15 weeks pregnant when this photo was taken back in December and today would have been your due date,” she continued. “There was another plan and our baby is no longer with us.”

The “House” actress then explained why she decided to post about the sad news on her Instagram profile.

“I share this because what you see on a social media page isn’t always what’s going on in real life,” she wrote. “My social media page consists mostly of a highlight reel. I try to keep it as authentic as I can, but I also largely focus on the positive because that feels good to me. But this is real and this is part of life. The really hard stuff that you never think or want to come your way.”

Odette went on to reflect on being pregnant and shared what she ultimately learned from the experience of losing her child.

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“I miss feeling this sweet baby grow but I also know that it was a gift carrying our baby and a privilege for even the short time we spent together,” she said. “It never felt right to not share or celebrate this moment in our life, I just needed the space to do it. I have found that there are always silver linings in the hard things if you look closely. And they are without doubt my husband and my daughter.”

“This experience has given me a new appreciation for my husband who was a rock for me and was unwavering with his support even though I know he was feeling it all as well,” Odette concluded. “It made me marvel at what a miracle Charlie is. What a miracle and a blessing it is to have a healthy child. I am so grateful for my family. We love you always and forever little angel 👼🏼.”

Many of Odette’s celebrity friends took to the comments section to send kind messages of support. Among those who commented was James Van Der Beek’s wife, Kimberly, who has suffered several pregnancy losses.

“Love you all my love,” Kimberly wrote.

Meanwhile, JoAnna Garcia Swisher commented, “Love you ❤️ Dave ❤️ Charlie ❤️ and your precious angel shining bright on the other side.”

“You[r] vulnerability and raw honesty is exquisite. Love you always sweet friend ❤️,” Rumer Willis added, while “Sopranos” star Jamie Lynn Sigler shared, “I love you and your family so much. You make me better just by being around you. Your angel will always be with you❤️❤️. I’m so proud of you for sharing this.”

Jenna Dewan wrote, “I love you guys so much ❤️.” Olivia Munn sent heart emojis.

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