Only players with high intelligence can spot 16 tigers within 21 seconds in snap

A new optical illusion is seriously baffling the internet.

In the image, there are 16 tigers hiding somewhere but it takes someone with high intelligence to spot them all.

The picture shows a beautiful scene of two adult tigers and their cubs in a forest.

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But with close inspection, there are 12 other faces of a tiger lurking around somewhere.

It's a tricky puzzle (we'll give you that) but the time to complete it is 21 seconds.

So can you do it?

Just remember to let us know you get on in the comments section below!

This kind of optical illusion is another fun way to test your IQ.

But if you manage to spot the fierce animals within 21 seconds, it could mean you have above average intelligence.

The image is quite tricky given the amount of tigers you have to find in the short space of time.

Scroll down below for the answer…

But if you're struggling, why not try looking at the bushes, trees, ground and even sky for the faces?

Just remember, there are four visible tigers, while the rest are basically camouflaging in the background.

Don't worry if you can't find them, we've got the answers circled in red below.

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On another occasion, players with good eyesight were able to find the tiger within the dogs.

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