Optician reveals why you should NEVER put contact lenses in after doing your make-up

YOU should never put contact lenses in after putting your makeup on, an expert has warned.

The eyes are a very sensitive and delicate part of the body, but people can become complacent when putting their lenses in.

Expert optician Sharon Copeland, from Feel Good Contacts, said not using makeup with contact lenses correctly can have "adverse effects".

She said: “Your eyes are one of your most important organs and not applying your makeup and contact lenses correctly can actually have some pretty adverse effects on your eye health.”

If you put makeup on before your contact lenses, there is a higher risk of debris getting trapped between the lens and the eye.

Sharon said: “Putting the lenses in after you've applied makeup makes it easier for your lenses to get dirty and damaged, which then makes it easier for makeup to get trapped in your eye, which can lead to further irritation.”

Sharon said to take your time applying makeup, saying: “We often spend a significant amount of time frantically applying eye make-up and contact lenses, without thinking about the possible damaging effects to our eye-health. 

“Spend that little bit longer looking out for our eyes by carefully applying products, cleaning our lenses, taking make-up off properly and ensuring that all products are in date too.” 

Makeup should be replaced often for two reasons, the first being that old products could mean more flakes fall into the eye.

Old makeup, including applicators like mascara wands, can also harbour microbes the longer you keep them.

Bacteria can cause an infection of the cornea, the clear dome at the front of the eye, called keratitis.

Keratitis causes eye pain, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and teary eyes.

It is usually the result of dirty contact lenses, storing them incorrectly in either water or an unclean case, or wearing lenses overnight.

Experts say if you feel there is makeup irritating the eye, wash the makeup off as soon as possible and replace the lenses with a fresh, clean pair. 

It’s also advised that those who wear lenses stick with water based products, instead of oil, and never use a friends’ eye makeup.

Sharon highlighted other huge mistakes people make, saying: “Monthly contact lenses, and monthly coloured contact lenses, have become increasingly popular lately, but we often see patients who have accidentally kept them in for longer than advised. 

“Monthly coloured lenses should be thrown away after 30 days if the lenses have been open, but we often see patients who have opened the lenses, and then kept them in a solution. 

“This should absolutely be avoided, with it being 30 days instead of 30 wears. 

“When it comes to looking after them, you should use a sterile solution instead of water to clean your lenses as it could contain bacteria, including a microscopic organism called Acanthamoeba. 

“This could then cause inflammation and irritation to your eyes, and for this reason, as with eye makeup, it’s also important not to go to sleep wearing your monthly contacts.

“It’s really important that we don’t overuse our contacts. Change your lenses as recommended, whether daily, weekly, or as directed by your eye doctor.”

Keeping contact lenses in during showering and sleeping is a huge no-go.

It could even lead to blindness, doctors have warned.

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