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A PACKING expert has revealed how to fold a t-shirt so it's roughly the same size as a pair of socks.

Luggage allowances mean people often have to leave behind outfits they would have rather taken on their trips with them.

However, clever packing techniques can increase the amount of clothes that can fit into a suitcase.

One of those techniques was revealed by Tiktoker Tiger Lee (@tiger_lee_uk), who showed a method they learnt from their ex to roll t-shirts up into a tiny ball the size of a pair of socks.

They said in a video: "My ex taught me this. What did you learn from your ex?"

The footage showed them laying a t-shirt out face down and folding both of the sleeves in towards the middle.

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Then, they folded about three inches of the bottom of the t-shirt upwards over the front.

After that, they folded both sides of the t-shirt over the sleeves, so that they met in the centre before folding the whole thing in half down the line in the centre.

Tiger then rolled the t-shirt from top to bottom before tucking it into the three inch fold that had been made in the second step, making it secure and tight.

The method is sometimes referred to as the "ranger roll" because it's used by people in the military.

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Another Tiktoker known as Remy uses it to pack his bags and said it "made packing much easier".

One user agreed, saying in the comments that it had changed their life.

They wrote: "Packing like this changed my life. Been doing it for years.

"I save so much space and get to pack more stuff."

A second added: "I always do this whenever I go on a vacation."

While the hack is no doubt useful, it's also pretty time consuming and other people simply can't be bothered to fold all their t-shirts like that.

Instead, those people are willing to risk a fine, by sneaking extra clothes onto the plane in other ways.

While airlines don't like passengers doing it, flight attendants aren't as bothered about it as some people might expect them to be.

Sun Online Travel's resident flight attendant said: "If your bag has been checked by the scanners, I'm fine with it being on the plane, whether it's been paid for or not.

"However, if everyone starts doing it, we will start to have some problems, because even with smaller bags, the weight would add up."



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