Paige Spiranac reveals her most gruesome injuries including horrific detached fingernail that left nurse distressed

PAIGE SPIRANAC has opened up on some of her worst injuries ever – including when she was left 'screaming and balling'.

The golf personality and former gymnast told the stomach-churning story of when her fingernail completely ripped off.

The 28-year-old used to be a gymnast and had Olympic ambitions before changing route and focusing on golf.

And, speaking on her 'Playing a Round' podcast, she revealed her worst ever injuries and pain she suffered.

Spiranac said: "My worst injury of all time, my most painful one by far – I was doing a Tkachev where you let go of the bar, fly over it then catch it again.

"And my fingernail clipped the top of the bar and it ripped it out of the bed.

"I had to go to the doctor and she was terrible. She thought if she reattached it, it would grow back.

"So they had to numb my finger so they were sticking needles into my raw flesh where the fingernail ripped off.

"Never in my life have I been in that much pain than when they were sticking needles into me.

"It was so bad that the nurse got nauseous and she had to leave the room because it was so gross."


A post shared by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee)

A post shared by Paige Spiranac (@_paige.renee)

She added: "My mum said 'this is stupid' and ended up cutting it and it grew back normally.

"That was by far the worst one but I was pretty lucky with my injuries that I never had anything too bad happen to me.

"But of all the pain I've ever been in all my life, the fingernail was by far the worst. I was screaming and balling when it was happening."

Spiranac has become a social media star with three million followers on Instagram.

She regularly posts videos of her golf swing having won a professional tournament in her time on tour.

Before golf she practiced gymnastics but broke her kneecap twice.

She said: "I have had a couple really bad injuries being a gymnast. I fractured my kneecap twice and it was weird how it happened.

"They said since I was so young, the muscle actually pulled a piece of the bone off so it wasn't detached, it was just hanging there.

"There was a one in a million chance it would happen and it happened twice.

"Those were two really bad ones and in gymnastics you can't show any weakness, you can't show that you're feeling any type of pain.

"I felt that something was wrong with my knee but I was really scared to talk to anyone about it. So I tumbled and did everything on my knee for about three weeks before we went and got it looked at.

"My coach told my parents because I sat down during a rotation and you're not supposed to. That's how we found out the first time."

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