Paultons Park's new Tornado Springs attraction to open from April 12 – with eight new rides

PAULTONS Park is to open their long-awaited new land, Tornado Springson April 12.

The new attraction was first announced in 2019 and hoped to open last year, but was delayed due to the pandemic.

Also home to Peppa Pig World, the new four-acre land at Paultons Park is based on an Americana-styled land based around a fictional 1950s midwestern town, with eight new rides.

One of the new rides will be the Storm Chaser rollercoaster, the first of its kind in the UK as a free-spinning ride travelling up to 20m (65ft 7in) above the ground.

The Cyclonator, a Gyro Swing pendulum ride for 30 people, will also be part of the new land, with the design based on a "scythe" used to tend to crops.

Other attractions include Al's Auto Academy, a a garage-themed driving school ride with 30 electric cars.

There will also be a water raft ride called Buffalo Falls; and a yet-to-be-revealed attraction called Trekking Tractors.

Al’s Shop and Service will let guests can buy their own driving licence and souvenirs, while 50s style restaurant Route 83 Diner will have authentic food and drink menus.

Two playgrounds, Parking Lot Tots and Junkyard Junction, will cater for differing age ranges.

The attraction will have rides for kids from the age of three, up to more adult rollercoasters.

James Mancey, Operations Director at Paultons Park said: “We’re incredibly excited to open the gates and fire up our new rides for guests to enjoy this April.

"We’ve worked hard to make Tornado Springs the highest-quality, fully immersive family experience on offer in the UK."

Tornado Springs will be the fifth land to join Paultons Park since it opened in 1983, and is due to open in May 2020.

Other lands already at the park include Critter Creek, Little Africa, Lost Kingdom and the UK-exclusive Peppa Pig World, which was voted the best theme park in Britain last year.

The park also has a number of health and safety measures in place for when it opens next month, including:

  • Mandatory pre-booked tickets online
  • Mandatory face masks on guests aged 11 and over
  • Additional hygiene stations and hand sanitiser stations
  • Social distancing markers on the floor

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