People are being encouraged to eat more cheese during lockdown

With the closure of restaurants and bars, cheesemakers are struggling.

According to the Specialist Cheesemakers Association, the pandemic is putting untold pressure on producers.

They said: ‘Our restaurants, cafes and pubs, many of the local shops, farmers markets and supermarket deli counters closed overnight leaving cheese maturing stores overfilled, an abundance of spring milk with nowhere to go and much fewer orders than usual forthcoming.

‘Very few specialist cheesemakers can sustain this pressure for long so the future of specialist cheesemakers is in your hands.

‘Unless we continue to buy and relish the great range of specialist handmade local cheeses that bring joy into our lives, we will not continue to have such great choice in the future.’

Cows are still producing milk but cheese makers have lost a lot of their business. According to the SCA, some have lost up to 90% of their business.

To help, we need to buy cheese, even if you can’t get to a farmers’ market, deli counter or cheese shop.

Lots of places offer cheese boxes to order online and you can have a beautiful cheeseboard to enjoy as a lockdown treat while helping cheese producers.

We’re put together a list of some of the places you can order some cheesy delights from.


The guys at Pong offer lots of different ways to buy cheese online. You can buy individual cheeses, gift boxes or even a subscription so you get a currated selection every month if you aren’t sure what to choose.

You can shop by place, type (hard, soft, blue, washed and smoked) or the milk used (cow’s, goat’s, ewe’s, unpasteurised or organic).

The Best of British tasting box costs £40, for five cheeses.


Homage2Fromage all you can eat cheese parties have been a hit in the north for a few years and they started in London in 2020, but obviously, during the pandemic, the events have been cancelled.

To bring the experience to your door, and support cheesemakers, they’ve created an at-home cheese party box. You get six portions of cheese, chutney, crackers, plates and a game to guide you through the tasting.

Like at their parties, the types of cheese aren’t revealed until the end.

The box costs £40, including delivery. The first one focuses on French cheeses, chosen by the people behind the concept, Vickie and Nick.

Neal’s Yard Dairy

Artisanal cheese retailer Neal’s Yard dairy has created a gift box especially to support the British cheese industry during this time.

They’re taking some of the surplus cheese from producers and sending it out to customers to enjoy.

The box costs £28.50, for three cheese, with a minimum weight of 950g.

They don’t tell you what cheeses you will get as they try to use up as much cheese as possible.

They said: ‘This selection brings together three cheeses that desperately need your support. 

‘By buying this box you’ll help preserve these wonderful cheeses for generations to come.’

The box includes some tips for serving from Jamie Oliver.

Forman and Field

Another cheese subscription box from Forman and Field. You do need to pay for a few months at a time with this one but invest now and you’ll have a lovely cheese surprise every few months.

Subscriptions start at £90, which means you get two high-quality British cheeses, crackers or biscuits and chutney or another accompaniment every month.

The Cheese Shed

Their slogan is ‘great cheese from off the beaten track’ so they like to offer slightly different cheeses.

They’ve been selling cheese by mail order since 2006, as they wanted to spread West Country cheese right across the UK.

Now you can order a range of individual cheese, gift boxes or a subscription.

And if you’re struggling to choose, have a scroll through their wall of cheese to see if there’s anything that might tempt you.

The Courtyard Dairy

Based in North Yorkshire, these guys have been named Cheesemonger of the Year at the World Cheese Awards.

They sell portions of British cheese to order online, selections around different themes or you can sign up to their monthly cheese club from £28.

You can also find more local cheesemakers who often sell on their own websites through the Specialist Cheesemakers Association website.

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