People can win £2k if they find 10 crowns in tricky Coronation-themed illusion

Britain will see history this weekend with King Charles III's Coronation on May 6.

And to mark the special occasion, you can tuck into a mind-boggling optical illusion.

Thanks to the experts at DFS, there's a tricky brainteaser which requires you to spot the hidden crowns.

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This weekend, millions of Brits are planning to gather at street parties to watch the King's Coronation.

The furniture retailer hid five crowns in a lovely living room image.

Also if you manage to find all of the hidden items, you could win £2,000 to spend on DFS furniture.

We're sure this brainteaser won't be a walk in the park, but if you manage to get it, you could scoop a voucher.

The image of a luxurious living room has 10 crowns hiding in it.

If you find all 10, head to the DFS website to be in a chance of winning £2,000 towards furniture from the retailer.

Scroll down for the answer…

Don't forget to tell us how you get on too!

Are you looking for more brainteasers to keep you going?

Previously, people with sharp eyes were able to spot the odd number among the 278s in a fiendish illusion.

You'll have to complete it in 15 seconds.

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Although it might seem straightforward at first, it gets more difficult as you try to find the special number.

And this optical illusion with two odd dice is baffling people as only smart players can spot it.

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