People scared of COVID are booking private jets for the first time

For her recent birthday celebration, model Sofia Richie flew to Cabo San Lucas on a private jet with her nearest and dearest. “22 feels good,” she captioned a photo of the group in front of the 15-seater.

Used to be, if you wanted to join the jet set, you had to be rich, famous or beautiful. But ever since the pandemic, this rarified world is appealing to a broader swath of people.

“Folks who were flying first class or business class didn’t really have a need” for private jet travel, said Anthony Tivnan, president of the Boston-based Magellan Jets, which offers charters, jet membership and jet card ownership programs. “But with COVID, the narrative has changed.”

Kelly Bensimon, a “Real Housewives of New York” star turned Douglas Elliman real-estate agent recently noticed first-time flyers on her private flights to East Hampton and Boston. “All of the seaplanes were packed, and it wasn’t easy to charter a plane,” she told The Post.

Bensimon’s charter of choice, Blade, reported a 40 percent uptick in first-time flyers, according to a spokesperson. And, as more well-heeled New Yorkers choose to reside in the Hamptons and commute into the city, Blade has added weekday flights on their Hamptons to NYC helicopter route, plus a new commuter pass for $965 a month upfront, which gets subscribers discounted flights.

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