Pet Parents Found an ‘Irreplaceable’ Self-Warming Blanket to Keep Dogs and Cats Cozy

Dogs and cats are the best snuggle buddies on unrelentingly cold days, but we need to keep our pet pals warm, too. One simple way to keep them cozy is to use a heated blanket or bed, but pet parents have expressed concerns over the potential fire hazard. That's perhaps the reason some shoppers have turned to self-warming products like Furhaven's self-warming pet bed mat, and it's not the only one from the brand beloved by reviewers.

Pet parents on Amazon have raved about Furhaven's self-warming blanket, which keeps their dogs and cats incredibly warm without the need for electricity. Like the self-warming pet bed mat, Furhaven's blanket includes a reflective thermal sheet inside the plush faux lambswool quilt, making it an incredibly efficient (and affordable) way for pets to keep cozy.

Buy It! Furhaven ThermaNap Self-Warming Thermal Blanket Extra Large in Sherpa and Terry Silver Gray, $20.99;

Without the need for electricity, the Furhaven blanket — priced between $9 and $21 — is both cost-saving and safe. The interior thermal sheet uses the same idea behind space blankets to reflect "your pet's natural body heat to create a warmer sleep surface without the safety hazards of electricity," according to the brand. What's more, the plush material on the exterior makes it a snuggly blanket that reviewers say is "much more comfortable than when using a regular throw blanket."

The blanket comes with a waterproof interior coating that prevents spills onto floors and furniture, too. The Furhaven blanket is even machine-washable, so never fret if your dog is still yet to be potty-trained.

Reviewers have called the blanket "irreplaceable," "super durable," and "a massive success." A pet parent called it the "perfect pet blanket," saying, "We have a few different blankets around the house that he can sleep on, but ever since this one arrived, it's his top choice. Griswold is 43 pounds and we bought the large so that there was enough material to cover him with it if he was cold. It's the perfect size for him! Definitely would recommend this blanket as it's super soft and checks all the boxes."

Another shopper who is a parent to a senior dog says their dog "likes this blanket much better than anything else [they] have tried." "I bought this for a very senior dog with a bit of dementia and a leakage problem," said the reviewer. "Unfortunately she won't wear diapers, she can get any diaper off in a minute flat. She likes this blanket much better than anything else I have tried. This is very soft, a bit fluffy, and it is reversible so it works when it is warm or cold. I have also noticed that it isn't just waterproof, it tends to absorb odors as well. It has been a lifesaver!"

The Furhaven pet blanket comes in four sizes as well as four different colors. Shop this self-warming blanket now, before the temperatures drop any further.

Buy It! Furhaven ThermaNap Self-Warming Thermal Blanket Large in Sherpa and Terry Espresso, $16.99;

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