Photographer Christina Lonsdale Reads Chloë Sevigny’s Aura

Visual artist Christina Lonsdale, who takes aura portraits and interprets what the images reveal about each person’s energy, has released her first book. “Radiant Human: What Aura Photographs Tell Us About Ourselves” offers readers a look into Lonsdale’s process. The photographer uses an AuraCam 6000 to capture electrodermal readings; she looks to the resulting color distributions in the photos to shed light on the emotional or creative state of her subjects.

The book, which was released Tuesday through the HarperCollins imprint Harper Design, features photography and aura readings of personalities including Chloë Sevigny, Joseph Altuzarra, Busy Philipps and SZA. Below, read Lonsdale’s case study for Sevigny, excerpted from the book.

From “Radiant Human”

Chloë has a lot of beautiful blue mixed with green, predominantly in the mental part of her image, and some purple white in the lower left-hand corner, or internal area, of her photos. Green relates to ambition, long-term awareness, and future concepts, while blue has more to do with nurturing, sensitivity and giving to others. This blue-green combination indicates a creative person who’s able to grow her career (green) while being both sensitive and aware of her surroundings as well as her impact on people (blue). (For more information on the blue-green combination, see page 149.) The white (enhancement) with purple (creativity) suggests a heightened creative ability along with the likelihood she’s creatively inspired by myriad things. She also has white on blue, which points to a hyper-aware individual, suggesting she herself is sensitive as well as highly attuned to the environment and those around her.

“Radiant Human” by Christina Lonsdale. Courtesy

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