Playhouse listed on Airbnb as a joke gets real customer

A children-sized playhouse was listed on Airbnb as a joke in Ludgershall, England. Then a family actually booked it for a weekend at around $653.35, according to current exchange rates.

The was put together by a 49-year-old man named Jason Kneen, who built the 8-foot by 6-foot playhouse in his garden during the coronavirus shutdown, a report from South West News Service states.

“It was just for fun – we listed it as a space for a laugh,” he told the news outlet. ”We put that price on there and thought nobody would be interested.”

However, a family submitted an inquiry last weekend for the balcony-equipped structure that is modeled on a Lottie Doll Treehouse – a famous toy in the U.K., which also happens to be one of his children’s favorites.

Other playhouse amenities include a slide, ladder, trapdoor, bunk beds and Wi-Fi. A short distance away is a “Doctor Who” bathroom that is a replica of the sci-fi TV show’s TARDIS time machine.

Kneen, a father of five, said it cost him around $4,572.75 to put together the building, which he completed after a few weeks. The family hasn’t backed out of their booking either and will reportedly follow through with their stay on Saturday, Aug. 15.

“We’re making pizza and sorting out breakfast at the moment! I think it’s amazing and insane,” Kneen told SWNS while adding that the family will be provided access to his pool as well.

“I’m not sure I would pay that much for my kids to stay in one but the fact that someone’s going to do it is pretty incredible,” he continued. “We’re going to keep listing it – if we get few of these it will have paid for itself!”

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