Prince Charles Is Out of Self-Isolation Just Seven Days After Coronavirus Announcement

Prince Charles is reportedly now "in good health" following his coronavirus diagnosis just last week. 

The 71-year-old royal tested positive for the novel coronavirus on March 25 after suffering from "mild symptoms" and had been in self-imposed isolation from the public as well as wife Camilla ever since. Camilla, 72, tested negative.

Now, as indicated by a spokesman for the royal family, self-isolation is no longer required. 

"Clarence House has confirmed today that, having consulted with his doctor, the Prince of Wales is now out of self-isolation," the spokesman indicated. Charles's self-isolation period lasted a full seven days. During that time, he worked from home via phone and video meetings ever since his diagnosis. 

"Quarantine refers to the practice of confining individuals who have had close contact with a COVID-19 case to determine whether they develop symptoms of the disease," the official CDC website reads. "Quarantine for COVID-19 should last for a period of 14 days." 

From the beginning of Charles's isolation announcement to now, it's only been seven days. He and Camilla are currently staying at Birkhall at Queen Elizabeth's Balmoral estate. However, the pair will continue to remain isolated from each other in the event Camilla begins to show symptoms in the interim. 

"Both of them remain in good spirits," according to a royal source close to People. "There is a sense of keeping calm and carrying on. The duchess is concerned for him but she is aware of his own good spirits and therefore is keeping a close eye on him and mindful of her own situation." 

While Prince Charles may be out of isolation, however, it's still suggested that the rest of us (including the royals) continue to practice social distancing in an effort to quell the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

The coronavirus pandemic is unfolding in real time, and guidelines change by the minute. We promise to give you the latest information at time of publishing, but please refer to the CDC and WHO for updates.



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