Prince Charles Sends A Message Of Hope As He Recovers From COVID-19

Coronavirus discriminates against no one, even the Royal Family is not immune. Following his bout with the illness, Prince Charles spoke out about his coronavirus diagnosis for the first time in a moving video posted on Wednesday, April 1. Last month, it was revealed that the 71-year-old Prince of Wales tested positive for COVID-19 and was isolating himself from other royal family members. But after seven days, the royal patriarch has made a speedy recovery and is talking about his experience with the rapidly spreading virus.

In the new video, Prince Charles explained that he only experienced mild symptoms and talked about how people are being affected by the global pandemic. "I now find myself on the other side of the illness but still in no less a state of social distance and general isolation," he said. "This is a strange, frustrating and often distressing experience, when the presence of family and friends is no longer possible and the normal structures of life are suddenly removed."

Although he has recovered, he remains separated from his wife Camila, the Duchess of Cornwall, who is in quarantine until the end of this week as a precaution, despite testing negative for coronavirus, according to Entertainment Tonight. He’s also still isolated from his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and the families of his sons Prince William and Prince Harry, whose royal exit became official as of March 31.

But, just because he is recovering and still practicing social distancing doesn’t mean Prince Charles is stepping back from his royal duties. He used his coronavirus update to show his and his wife’s gratitude for the doctors and medical workers who are risking their lives to treat patients, and those who have volunteered their time to the UK’s National Health Service. "Our thoughts and prayers are very much with those marvelous people whose extraordinary skills and utter selfless devotion to duty and the care of their patients make us so very proud," he said. He also made special mention of two British charities, Age UK and Silver Line, who are helping the elderly through this crisis.

He ended his video on a more hopeful and sentimental note, assuring the public than an end to this mayhem will come in time. "None of us can say when this will end, but end it will," he said. "Until it does, let us try and live with hope and, with faith in ourselves and each other, look forward to better times to come." Amen to that.

If you think you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus, which include fever, shortness of breath, and coughing, call NHS 111 in the UK or visit the CDC website in the U.S. for up-to-date information and resources. You can find all Bustle’s coverage of coronavirus here, and UK-specific updates on coronavirus here.

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