Prince George, Charlotte and Louis body language shows ‘important change in 2020’

Prince Louis walked 'gingerly' at panto red carpet says expert

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, 38, and Prince William, 38, are future heads of the Royal Family and their three children Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two, are high up the line of succession. This means the young royals get more exposure than their cousins and have regularly melted hearts in sweet photos and video clips over the past year.

From clapping for carers in their back garden at Anmer Hall, to joining William and Kate for a recent outing to the theatre, the Cambridge children have grown in confidence and stature over the past 12 months.

According to a body language expert, their individual personalities have begun to shine.

Body language expert and author Judi James analysed a series of photos of the Cambridge children taken this year and shared her findings with

Judi told “2020 was the year we saw some important changes in William and Kate’s children’s social development.”

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Judi added: “Little Louis stopped being the baby who was always carried in Kate’s arms, Charlotte entered that stage of childhood where you start to think you are grown-up and want to show everyone how independent you are.

“George showed how many traits he shares with his father and how close the bond is between the two future kings.”

Prince George

Looking photos of Prince George taken this year, Judi said: “There is currently little physical resemblance between George and how William looked at his age, but their personalities do seem so similar.”

Judi added: “George’s body language suggests the same blend of contrasts that his father’s non-verbal displays signal even now, i.e. a mix of playfulness, thoughtfulness and shyness.

“William has no problems holding his father’s hand when they appear together and the comfortable way both link up like this shows how close William has kept his son in a bid to train him for his future role.

“Like many first-born children, William and George seem to share a sense of responsibility and even when George is laughing or playing his eye expression is often bordering on the serious and he tends to avoid direct eye contact with the cameras.


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Princess Charlotte

Discussing Princess Charlotte, the expert said: “Last year Charlotte tended to hold her mother’s hand but this year has revealed some very strong signals of independence as we saw when she dropped William’s hand on the red carpet and attempted to walk ahead of the family group, kicking her legs out to suggest a display of bravado and confidence.

“It was telling that her hand did come back up to hug at her father’s leg once the host arrived, but she clearly doesn’t want to be seen as a baby any more and her very direct gaze to the camera or the people they are meeting suggests curiosity and a love of challenge.

“She is also more than happy getting absorbed in tasks or showing strong emotions like excitement though.

“When the children met their hero David Attenborough George displayed his sense of being star-struck by sitting looking down at Attenborough’s shoes but Charlotte threw both hands up to her face as she gazed at her icon with excitement and awe.”

Prince Louis

After examining recent photos of Prince Louis, Judi said: “Louis was a very happy-looking baby and he seems to be a very happy, confident child.

“As the youngest of three, he will feel that he has four full-time minders in his parents and his siblings and, with the closeness of lock-down he should feel super-protected in this family dynamic.

“He clearly makes the others laugh, especially Kate, who has always seemed closely bonded with her youngest son.

“Despite being the smallest child there are clues in Kate and William’s body language that he might not just be confident but also the least likely to cause a fuss.

“They don’t appear to need to keep checking Louis as long as he is close to the group.

“When they all met Attenborough we can see how George and even Charlotte kept close to their mum and dad while Louis was happy to wander off at a small distance, looking distracted by everything that was going on.”

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