Prince William Admits Kate Middleton Is A Lot More Patient Than He Is When It Comes to Their Kids

Anyone who has ever taken care of children can understand there is a lot of patience involved. Prince William seems to relate to this. He and his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge have three kids—George, Charlotte, and Louis—whom they are taking care of day in and day out amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, while William might not strike fans as a short-tempered person, he recently admitted that he actually has way less patience than Kate.

Prince William said his patience has been ‘tested’ with the children in quarantine

With many people around the world being asked to self-isolate in their homes, William and Kate took on the responsibility of homeschooling their kids, especially their two oldest.

On a recent episode of the BBC podcast That Peter Crouch, William admitted he learned something about himself—that he is not as patient as Kate.

“I’ve found it pretty testing, not going to lie, trying to keep the children engaged in some kind of work,” William said. “I’ve learned through homeschooling that my patience is a lot shorter than I thought it was, that’s probably been the biggest eye-opener for me, and that my wife has super patience.”

He also added, “I have to admit I’m a bit embarrassed about my maths knowledge, I can’t do Year two math.”

Kate Middleton also admitted things have been ‘hectic’ in the Cambridge household

Back in April, Kate also opened up about the challenges of taking care of three children all day long. She shared that things can be “hectic” in their household.

“It gets a bit hectic, I’m not going to lie,” Kate told the BBC. “Children have got such stamina. You get to the end of the day and you write a list of all the things you’ve done in that day. You’ve pitched a tent, take the tent down again, cook, bake, you get to the end of the day. They’ve had a lovely time. It’s amazing how much you can cram into one day, that’s for sure.”

What else do we know about William and Kate’s parenting?

William and Kate are known to be hands-on parents. While royals historically employee nannies and governesses to take care of their kids, it seems William and Kate have decided to take on a lot of these roles themselves. However, they do have one full-time nanny named Maria Borello.

In any case, William and Kate have been said to be rather strict parents. For example, they put a limit on how much time their children can spend with TVs, phones, and tablets.

“As two people who grew up without gadgets for entertainment themselves, William and Kate are firm believers in toys, outdoor play and encouraging an active imagination,” a source told Us Weekly.

Nevertheless, there are also moments when William and Kate are not strict with their kids. Despite the fact that royals traditionally teach their children to be more stoic, William and Kate seem to be going in the opposite direction.

In an interview with CALMzine in 2017, William shared, “Catherine and I are clear that we want both George and Charlotte to grow up feeling able to talk about their emotions and feelings.”

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