Pub accused of promoting ‘casual rape’ after punters spot ‘creepy’ wall art

A pub has come under fire because of its “creepy” wall art.

The Kingfisher in Kirkham, near Preston, Lancs, left punters feeling disturbed by vintage pictures hanging on the wall.

While there are a series of cartoons on display, it was one in particular that caught customers’ eyes.

The saucy illustration depicts a woman being pounced on by a man.

He grabs her shoulder and appears to push her back onto a sofa, which exposes her stockings.

The retro picture is captioned: “The landlady’s daughter told me to help myself to anything I fancied”.

While the cartoon wouldn’t have looked out of the ordinary when it was printed on seaside postcards in the 1950s, it looks a lot different with 2020 vision.

One customer, Craig O'Reilly, called out the pub on Facebook.

He wrote: “Bit weird for a pub to have casual rape art on the wall.”

His friends and family agreed with his assessment of the picture, with one writing: “Oh I really don’t like that!”

Another added: “So gross!”

Craig had been at the pub with his partner Roxanne, who shared her thoughts with Daily Star Online.

She said: “It’s a pub that I’ve never been to before.

“It’s directly in between mine and my partner’s houses so we just met there for a quick drink.

“We sat right in front of it and it was quite bright and even from afar looked a bit creepy.

“I had a look at it and read the caption and thought ‘who puts that on a wall in the first place?’

“It’s just not funny to anyone really.”

Roxanne didn’t notice anyone else staring at the picture – but she can’t imagine the female employees were happy with it either.

She added: “It was quite quiet in there and the women who were working behind the bar were young women.

“I think if I’d have had a few drinks I would’ve asked them how they felt about that – but I hadn’t, so I didn’t.

“They didn’t seem like the sort of people who would think that was funny.”

Daily Star Online contacted JW Lees, owners of the The Kingfisher pub, for comment.

We are still awaiting a response at the time of publication.

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