Quick Google trick could save you £1,800 on your wedding and engagement rings

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Couples hunting for wedding rings on the internet have been warned that using certain keywords can hike up the price of your big day by up to £1,800.

While most of us spend time doing research before buying such an expensive item it’s important to get value for your money.

But, adding the word “wedding” to the phrase “women’s ring” or “men’s ring” on Google means you are automatically shown more expensive options.

Mirror Money explained that if you search “women’s wedding rings” then the top five results have an average value of £1,385.10 each.

However, if you simply search for “women’s rings” then you are shown jewellery which is suitable for weddings and engagements but the average cost is just £206.

Similar happened when you search for “men’s wedding rings” where the average price shown is £785.80.

Meanwhile the average ring shown after missing off the “wedding” keyword cost just £127.40 that’s £658.40 less.

This means you could wind up being encouraged to spend £2,170.90 on “wedding” rings versus just £333.40.

Sarah Dennis, of consumer complaints service Resolver, said: "I don't think it's fair that putting the word 'wedding' in front of something means you can increase the price."

And, Sarah said that many sellers increase the price of wedding-related items.

This is partly due to the lack of sales during the pandemic which saw many couples unable to marry.

You can also get a better deal on your rings by ignoring the top search results and instead clicking on the “shopping” tab.

This cut the average price for women’s wedding rings down from £758 to £247.20 and men’s wedding rings to £418.27 from £785.80.

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If you look at women’s rings theN the price goes down to £468.90 in the shopping tab and men’s rings reduce in average price to £108.76.

So, if you want to save money you know what to do!

Couple’s looking to marry in 2021 could also be in luck as the 30 indoor guest cap is to be lifted from June 21.

However, the Prime Minister warned that while guest lists could be unlimited there would need to be restrictions in place.

The rules include social distancing, being banned from dancing and advised not to sing.

This limitation includes singing hymns in the church.

However, the couple’s first dance will be permitted.

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