Revellers at Aintree's Ladies Day brave the elements with plastic bags

Don’t rain on our parade! Revellers at Aintree brave the elements on Ladies Day – and who needs a brolly when you’ve got a plastic bag!

  • Aintree racegoers partied through the rain on Ladies Day this afternoon 
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It will take more than a few drops of rain to dampen the spirits of the Ladies Day attendees at Aintree. 

While the heavens opened on the racecourse this afternoon, elegant revellers were not deterred by the elements and used whatever they could to protect themselves from the weather. 

Dressed to the nines in colourful outfits, they hung on to their umbrellas for dear life with a glass of fizz in hand. 

Those who couldn’t find the appropriate rain gear got creative and used their plastic bags, labelled Tesco and Asda, to keep partying at the races. 

While the festival is all about horse racing, many racegoers appeared more than happy to flaunt their stuff as they competed to win the £5,000 prize for best dressed. 

This reveller got creative with her umbrella alternative as she stuck an Asda supermarket carrier bag over her head

A group of girls donned plastic ponchos and carrier bags to keep themselves dry as they walked in the rain

Every little helps! One racegoer had no choice but to cover her hair with a Tesco bag when rain broke out 

Today a sea of colour flooded into the racecourse as the attendees turned heads in bright tones including pinks, greens and blues. 

The first day of the races saw fun-loving racegoers putting on a leggy display as they braved chilly temperatures in the aftermath of Storm Noa.

But despite being battered by freezing cold high winds, the show went on for the attendees, who got into the spirit of things by cracking open the bubbly. 

Savvy women who had donned heels for the occasion were pictured swapping their stilettos for a pair of contingency flip flops as they took a break from the raucous partying.

As the afternoon went on, racegoers put on a show for photographers, posing while drinking bubbly straight from the bottle.

Two revellers tried their best to remain stylish, with one tying the bag around his head while his attention remained on the course 

These poncho-clad partygoer did not let the rain dampen their spirits as they cheered the racers on 

And when the rain begins to fall! Many revellers were equipped with see-through umbrellas today

Despite the rain, a racegoer put on a very leggy display as she strolled through the racecourse while chatting on the phone

This reveller gave the camera a peace sign as she crouched on the floor while shielding from the rain 

Never mind the rain! This group of friends were still n a partying mood in spite of the bad weather 

Two party goers did their best to remain stylish as they opened their umbrellas, posing for pictures 

Cheers to that! A trio of revellers donned both ponchos and umbrellas with their elegant race attire 

Revellers dressed to the nines held onto their umbrellas as the action unfolded on the racecourse 

These attendees toasted to their day at the races while wearing see-through blue plastic ponchos 

This trio opted for a long scarlet maxi dress with a slit in the side, a dark green tulle dress with a corset bodice and a jacquard frock

Hands in the air! These partying pals posed for photos as the camera pointed on them while they enjoyed their drinks

This trio opted for a long scarlet maxi dress with a slit in the side, a dark green tulle dress with a corset bodice and a jacquard frock

Which way is up?! This reveller had to get her male friend to help put on her poncho as she struggled 

This brightly dressed reveller sported a poncho and looked bemused as she made her way across the grounds

These ladies came prepared for the day’s events as they donned their waterproof jackets while drinking outside 

While the party got started inside, the rain somewhat dampened revellers’ spirits outdoors

Nothing will dampen our spirits! This group punched the air as they celebrated a win while shielding themselves from the rain in waterproof jackets

One racegoer looked thoroughly fed up of the rainy weather as she carried a jacket over her head 

One woman (left) dazzled in a white dress embellished with pearls and gems as she walked alongside her pal who had decided to don a poncho to keep dry

This woman donned a white frilled mini dress and clear block heels while carrying a Balenciaga bag

Poncho pals! This pair styled their floral-patterned frocks with heeled sandals and each wore a plastic poncho

A racegoer did her best to protect her hair from the rain as she put her handbag on her head 

A racegoer did her best to protect her hair from the rain as she put her handbag on her head 

A racegoer carried her coat over her head as she donned a feathered dress from Zara at the races

These close pals shared a pashmina which acted as an umbrella in an attempt to try and keep themselves dry

That’s one way to stay dry! This reveller donned a clear poncho to shield herself from the pouring rain

A glamourous lady protected her floral gown by wearing her jacket on her head this afternoon  

Pouting for the camera: These revellers covered their heads with their shawls as they posed 

This pair appeared to have forgotten their umbrellas and shielded themselves with their jackets

Another racegoer took shelter underneath her bright pink blazer, which she paired with a slinky black dress

These close pals shared a pashmina which acted as an umbrella in an attempt to try and keep themselves dry

Here come the girls! This glamorous group raised their arms as the action got under way for another raucous day

It ain’t easy being green! One stylish racegoer was jumping in place in their strappy high heels today

Feeling the beat! One reveller pointed her hand to the sky as she became one with the music this afternoon 

Two partygoers took to dancing, making each other twirl while holding on to their drinks and umbrellas 

Time to party! This reveller got into the party spirit as she threw her hand in the air and cut shapes on the dancefloor

Busting moves! These pals also got into the party spirit as they took to the dancefloor in all their finery

One dancing queen pulled her hair away from her face and beamed as all eyes were on her

These pals, dressed in floral prints, larked about as the fun and games of Ladies Day got into full swing

Dancing queens! The party was in full swing as the ladies got up and began boogying, posing for photos

Umbrellas in the air! A trio of pals got into it on the dancefloor as one raised her umbrella while getting into the spirit

Actress Helen Flanagan posed for photos while wearing a red blazer dress with black buttons and a pleated skirt

The former Coronation Street actress paired her look with a black and white fascinator and opted for neutral make up

Two pals dressed in a baby blue dress with applique flowers and a nude co-ord take a stroll in the rain

Wearing heels all day can be exhausting: This kind gentleman carried his friend through the rain 

Tongues out! This reveller poked out her tongue as she strolled inside the tent while her pal held her umbrella in front of her

A trio of pals huddled up to each other as they shielded themselves under umbrellas while the rain hammered down

She’s a winner! This reveller, dressed in an asymmetric dark blue dress, showed off her winning ticket

This reveller put on a very leggy display in a bright floral mini dress and pink heeled sandals

This reveller looked a little bit glum as she walked through the rain in her white lacy suit and carried her umbrella

Drinking from the jug! This brightly dressed reveller was responsible for holding the umbrella and didn’t have free hands to pour herself a glass

Walk on the wild side! This pair donned animal prints and feathered accessories as they stepped out together

A much clearer view! This racing enthusiast jumped on to the shoulders of her pal who took a swig of his drink as he held on to her

On to a winner! BBC presenter Sam Quek (right) put up her hand and gasped as she watched the races

The former hockey player joined her presenting co-star Gethin Jones as they watched the action on the course

Gethin and Sam appeared to share a joke as they stood and watched the action on Ladies Day

Charlotte Hawkins from GMB and her ITV co-star, stylist Mark Hayes, stroll on to the racecourse

One woman (left) dazzled in a white dress embellished with pearls and gems as she walked alongside her pal who had decided to don a poncho to keep dry

This smiling trio opted for long outfits, with two donning maxi dresses while the other chose a white jumpsuit

Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jayne Dunn returned after attending the opening day of the Grand National Festival

The actress was wearing a layered tulle dress in hot pink, with a bow on the front. She accessorised with a black bag

Sharing is caring! A woman pours her pal a glass of rose as the friend smiles and laughs

A woman managed to carry her glass of rose and the umbrella all in one hand, without spilling a drop

And the prize for the most innovative way of keeping dry goes to… This pair of pals didn’t want to carry umbrellas around with them and combined rain protectors with headgear

Carrying a parasol-style umbrella over her head, this woman dressed in a floral minidress and made a quick phone call

April showers blighted the racegoers as they carried umbrellas with them while strolling through the grounds

Taking a time out: These revellers took a seat as they waited for the races to get under way 

Getting the party started! When they were inside and under cover, these glamorous girls got into the party spirit

Something to celebrate, ladies? These avid racing fans looked like their bets may have come up trumps

Two attendees enjoy a glass of wine and what looks like a stout as they get ready to watch another race

A racegoer did her best to protect her hair from the rain as she put her handbag on her head 

This racegoer showed off her tattoos as she wore a frilled red dress, accessorised with a Louis Vuitton clutch bag and a Burberry scarf

Thumbs up for a great day! These pals smiled under a polka dot umbrella, with one rocking a biker chic ensemble

Bubbly all round! A group of young women got ready to watch the next race while holding glasses

That’s one way to stay dry! This reveller donned a clear poncho to shield herself from the pouring rain

The reveller’s full outfit evoked all things eccentric as she stepped out with her equally sharply dressed pal

Meanwhile this racegoer looked cool and poised in a sage-coloured belted suit with a very plunging neckline

Umbrellas at the ready! These revellers went to great lengths to shield themselves (and their drinks) from the rain

No time to waste! This glam racegoer looked like she was in a rush to get to her destination as she jogged across the pink carpet

Revellers donned all their finery once again for the second day of the Grand National 2023 Festival as Ladies Day gets under way. Pictured: A racegoer looking gorgeous in green

The group of glamorous ladies even found time to stop and pose for a photo with a guard and a wolfhound

These fashionistas put their best foot forward despite the rain and showed off their glamorous outfits on the way into Aintree

Despite chilly temperatures and pouring rain, these excited revellers couldn’t help but beam as they arrived

This elegant bunch, dressed in satin and florals, were prepared with their umbrellas

One reveller smiled sweetly as she carried a burger in one hand and her drink in the other, while donning a vibrant pink dress

Good Morning Britain presenter Charlotte Hawkins donned a bright floral dress and a pink and red floral fascinator

This racegoer came prepared as she was pictured strolling along with a bottle in one hand and a pair of flip flops for her aching feet in the other

The revellers did not let the rain dampen their party spirit this morning as they reached for the bottle 

Outside, stylish racegoers modelled with their umbrellas while inside, they toasted with bubbles 

Dancing queens! Three ladies struck a pose by the racecourse while they waited for the rain to stop 

When the weather lets you down, there is always time for a drink! This racegoer enthusiastically showed her bottle to the camera 

One racegoer ended up on the floor after slipping on the wet grass during the second day of the racing event 

With their drinks of choice and a transparent umbrella in hand, these ladies shared a sweet kiss 

A reveller dressed in pink raised her hand in the air, while inside, another wearing an elegant baby blue jumpsuit enjoyed a sip 

A lady in a silky floral gown raised her glass of bubbles, while her friend, in turquoise, right, stuck to cider 

Ain’t no party like an Aintree party! Racegoers did not let the rain put an end to their entertainment 

Who needs a glass when you have a bottle? A reveller took a sip of bubbles during celebrations this afternoon  

Two partygoers shared a drink and a smooch during a break from the action at the racecourse  this afternoon

One reveller was equipped with her very own see-through ice pack to carry her fizzy drink with her 

A partygoer drank straight from the bottle as their friends looked on during celebrations at Aintree 

What a gag! Two male revellers were spotted sporting umbrella hats by the racecourse this afternoon

Letting their hair down! Inside, rglamourous revellers took cover from the rain and cheered up with a drink or two

A stylish racegoer dressed in black closed her eyes as she enjoyed a sip of rose wine this afternoon

A racegoer showed off her vibrant floral pink dress, while another modelled a more understated garment 

Keeping it dry! Three ladies enjoyed a spot of conversation and drinks while taking cover from the rain 

A reveller dressed in white showed off her flower crown as she waved to the camera with her friends 

The race enthusiasts showed off their best moves as they enjoyed a tipple on the side of the racecourse 

Every little helps! One racegoer had no choice but to cover her hair with a Tesco bag when rain broke out 

A glamourous lady protected her floral gown by wearing her jacket on her head this afternoon  

One racegoer dressed in pink held on to her umbrella as she started dancing with her friend, who donned a frilly floral gown

One attendee took no chances with her long-planned outfit and covered herself with a transparent plastic poncho

The rain won’t stop their fun! These revellers smiled as they shielded themselves from the pouring rain

Pouting for the camera: These revellers covered their heads with their shawls as they posed 

Taking a break… and some shelter! This pair sat back with drinks and scrolled through their phones as they waited for the rain to pass

This pair appeared to have forgotten their umbrellas and shielded themselves with their jackets

Another racegoer took shelter underneath her bright pink blazer, which she paired with a slinky black dress

Sandra Hannah, who went viral in 2020 after losing her African grey parrot Chanel, posed for a photo as she arrived at Aintree

What’s the next best thing if you don’t have an umbrella OR a blazer? Your clutch bag, of course! This reveller sheltered herself as best she could

Instead of a brightly-coloured dress and a fascinator, this woman wore a tweed blazer and skirt with a trilby hat

Dressed in a netted white dress and a straw yellow handbag, this woman won the prize for the most extravagant umbrella which looks more like an intricate parasol

This pair, who both opted for mini dresses, huddled together tightly so they could share one umbrella

Peace out! These racegoers larked about for the camera as they began a day of partying, with one carrying a pint of lager

This reveller, dressed in baby blue, put her arms up and carried her drink in one hand and the mask of a man’s face in the other

Time to crack open the gin! This blonde trio shared cans of gin and tonic, as well as other bottles 

Sunshine on a rainy day! This woman, dressed in a beaded frock, brought brightness to a grey day with a yellow umbrella

Bottoms up! This reveller, dressed in a black halterneck frock, enjoyed a glass of bubbly as the day’s events got underway

Perfect pairing! This couple looked sharp and smart in a three piece suit and dalmatian printed frock – with a spiked poppy fascinator to catch attention

Green seems to be the colour of the season as many attendees arrived in jade hues, such as this racegoer who paired her frilly frock with a string of pearls

One reveller larked about with a police officer who was suited and booted to control the crowds for the afternoon

This reveller, dressed in a light blue frilled frock with long sleeves and a pearled headband in a similar shade, protected her bouncy blow dry with an umbrella

All smiles! This well-dressed bunch of ladies smiled despite the rain as they posed with their equally sharp-looking male pals

Lady in red: Melissa Worrall wore a scarlet dress with a cut-out fascinator decorated with peonies

Melissa Worrall and Christine Martin pose for photos in their clashing but fabulous hot pink and red outfits

This gentleman also put his best foot forward as he attended Ladies Day as he donned a checked suit with an orange tie and pocket square

This woman opted for black and white vertical stripes and a pussy bow blouse as she donned a netted fascinator

Dressed in a jade green dress with a plunging neckline, this racegoer looked at one with nature as she draped a shawl of flowers around her shoulders

The hottest new accessory? A matching umbrella, of course! This trio paired their outfits with brightly coloured umbrellas

Don’t forget to pose with the guard! These glam ladies beamed as they donned summery patterns

A couple of pals walked arm in arm as they donned a hot pink frock and a lilac, figure-hugging number

Don’t let the rain spoil the fun! This woman carried her jacket over her head as the heavens opened

This elegant pair were dressed for the chilly weather, donning warm-looking coats in blue tones 

These pals, dressed in floral patterns were deep in conversation as something caught their attention

Brollies up! Thankfully, most guests came prepared for the elements as the rain hammered down

This pair shared an umbrella as they chatted – as the guest in leopard print appeared to have left her umbrella at home

This dazzling attendee wore a lime-coloured twin set with a cropped bra top and a maxi skirt embellished with pearls

A blonde beauty beamed as she posed for a snap in her navy blue blazer dress and navy blue sandals

Bejewelled beauty! This racegoer donned a bright yellow lace dress with a high collar which was embellished with gems

The pair beamed as they strutted their stuff on the pink carpet, while the woman held up her train

Cheers! This pair took shelter undercover as the heavens opened and sipped their drinks through strawa

Long live the high street! One lady in pink looked super glam as she donned a Zara tweed dress

The Zara-loving racegoer teamed up with her pal who was dressed in green satin to get themselves some drinks

Hello there! The group of girls looked ready to party as they posed for photos 

Stop being jealous: This woman’s statement beaded handbag sent a clear message as she put a blazer over her head to shield from the rain

While most of the guest arriving at Ladies Day opted for dresses, this attendee instead chose s jumpsuit with geometric print

Peacock frock! This pair pulled out all the stops to impress with the pal on the left in a white dress with peacock detailing while the friend on the right rocked a gingham frock

The extravagantly-dressed pair posed for a selfie as they arrived on the pink carpet for Ladies Day

A fellow racegoer helped the woman with the peacock frock adjust her train as she posed for photos

Although it’s set to be a windy day, the racegoer gave her train a little bit of extra help with a good swish

Meanwhile the peacock dressed guest’s gingham-loving pal posed for photos showing off her outfit

The pink gingham dress and matching hat complemented the pink carpet in an outfit honouring ‘Barbiecore’

This reveller put on a leggy display in a bright green slit dress with a cut out neckline, paired with a boxy clutch

Walk on the wild side! One racegoer showed off her zebra print coat as she posed for a snap with her lookalike pal

It’s not just the women who have brought their fashion A game to Aintree today, with this handsome chap donning a kilt

This group of ladies looked ready for a day of action as they strolled into Aintree racecourse together

They say blue and green should never be seen, but this chic racegoer pairs the shades perfectly with her suit and accessories

This racegoer kept things simple with a black dress and a spiky black headband as she added a touch of colour with pastel nails

Going for glamour! This stylish group of pals posed for photos in their finery and looked modelesque

One of the pals had a standout look in her bright orange ruffled minidress paired with statement heels

Natural beauty! One woman, dressed in a dark green frock, wore a wreath of flowers around her shoulders while her pals were stylish in cute dresses

Feeling the chill! This pair looked like they were feeling the cold as they walked through the race course

Even the best dressed has to go through security! Racegoers dressed in all their finery are checked as they enter the racecourse

These pals took the brief seriously as they arrived in a hot pink dress which matched the carpet and a blue frock with white polka dots

Now THAT’s a fascinator! This guest matched her headgear with her dress as she donned a dark blue fascinator with netting 

One racegoer went for a bold blue shade as she donned an off-shoulder, long-sleeved dress for the occasion

Lady (and gent) in white! This couple matched their outfits in a dress with statement shoulders and a plunging neckline, plus a white suit

A beaming guest posed for a photo while looking chic in a white dress with red nails and a scarlet Vivienne Westwood clutch

A keen racegoer looks bright in a yellow minidress with black accessories – plus a matching umbrella to prepare for the weather

This stylish trio looked glamorous in all their finery as they paired summery dresses with heeled sandals

Hats off to you! One glamorous attendee went all out with her fascinator which matched the tones in her dress 

Butterfly chic! The racegoer went for a butterfly theme as she donned sandals with wings and carried a cute umbrella

Glamour girls! This group of pals looked bright and vivacious in their race day frocks as they posed on the pink carpet

The chic pals turned heads in their bright outfits as they linked arms to walk into the race course

While Aintree may not have the royal touch Ascot does, it certainly holds its own in the fashion stakes when it comes to flashing the flesh. 

As well as killer heels, thigh-skimming dresses and plunging necklines, the event is famous for its display of flamboyant headgear.

This year’s Grand National Festival will draw to a close on Saturday, with the final race taking place at 6.20pm.

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