'RHOD' Newbie Tiffany Moon Reveals Who Was Most — and Least — Welcoming

Spilling secrets! Tiffany Moon felt the love from most of her costars before she made her Real Housewives of Dallas debut — but others were a little prickly.

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Season 5 of the Bravo series kicked off on Tuesday, January 5, and the 36-year-old physician made a big splash. Tiffany was originally introduced to her fellow Housewives by D’Andra Simmons, who joined the cast for the reality show’s second season in 2017. One other costar, however, definitely made RHOD feel like home.

“I would say Stephanie [Hollman] was the most welcoming because she is just so sweet. She has this sort of Southern charm drawl,” Tiffany told Us Weekly exclusively ahead of the season premiere. “If you are upset and crying about something, she will stop everything that she’s doing, pour you a glass of wine and [she’ll be] like, ‘Baby, just come sit right here and tell me all about it.’ She’ll actually listen without interrupting or telling you about that one time that she did.”

Not all of her costars gave as warm of a welcome, however. The China native “had a little bit of a rocky start” with Kary Brittingham, but the women eventually smoothed things over.

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“Maybe we just have different ways of being inviting,” Tiffany joked. “I think we have very different personalities and I think her way of being inviting was to be like, ‘Woo, we’re here to party. Let’s take some shots!’ And that’s not necessarily how I like to have fun. … I think as the season progressed, we began to understand each other a little bit better.”

To get herself in the Housewives mindset, Tiffany “binge-watched” the entire fourth season to try and get familiar with her future costars. While she thought it would be “very intimidating” to be among “such successful and inspiring women,” she had the staunch support of her husband, Daniel, with whom she shares twin daughters Chloe and Madison.

“When I first approached [my husband] about [the show], basically his answer was, ‘I will support you no matter what you choose,’” Tiffany told Us. “I think this is such a personal decision … and we hashed it all out. And at the end, I said to him, I said, ‘Babe, I think I want to try it out.’ … And he said, ‘I will be here to support you 100 percent of the way.’”

While reality TV might be a little bit outside of the medical professional’s comfort zone, the experience brought her and Daniel “closer in a lot of ways.”

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“We had to really talk about things,” she explained. “But it was also harder in a lot of ways because I saw him less when we were filming because I was working a full-time job [as an] anesthesiologist. I was working full-time, did not miss a day of work during filming. … There were some times where my husband was not my priority that week. You know, we didn’t get to sit down and have our little fireside chat because I was just working. He was so, so understanding of that.”

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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