‘RHONY’ Recap: Sonja Lashes Out Over ‘Trophy Wife’ Diss & Luann Leaves Ramona’s House

Luann became very unhappy with the ladies during the April 16 episode of ‘RHONY’. Plus, Sonja drank a little too much at a house party in the Hamptons.

The girls weekend in the Hamptons continued during the April 16 episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, and naturally, it led to major drama. First, Ramona brought the ladies to a local winery where they learned about Leah’s past and Dorinda’s present. Leah revealed that she was basically disowned by her parents after she went to rehab as a teen. They threw her in a halfway house that was run by nuns, and while Leah wasn’t happy about it at the time, she now says it saved her life. Meanwhile, Dorinda told the group that she’s “scared” every day about the constant stresses in her life, while not having anyone to lean on. She and Ramona cried together before Sonja took the conversation in a different direction and made them all laugh again.

And speaking of Sonja, she caused even more drama later in the episode, when Ramona’s hosting continued at a mansion party that evening. Ramona spent most of the night trying to impress another group of friends, but Sonja focused most of her attention on the liquor being served at the party. She ended up drinking way too much, and when Ramona’s friend Elyse said Sonja was once a “trophy wife” to her ex-husband, she freaked out. Sonja started screaming, said she was “never” a trophy wife, and then told the entire house that she doesn’t shave her “pu**y”, as if that was proof that she was never a “trophy wife”.

Later, Ramona went on a tour with the owner of the house, while Dorinda told Sonja and Luann that she thinks it’s “tacky” when people give tours of their homes. Ramona didn’t seem to feel the same way, as she appeared to be super into each and every room that she walked into. She even jumped on a swing and flirted with the owner.

The next morning, Dorinda and Ramona woke up to a nasty note from Luann. Apparently, she had become so upset with her living conditions that she packed her bags and left Ramona’s house at 1am. Being on the “lower level” of Ramona’s house made her feel like she was at the bottom of the totem pole, as far as Ramona’s friends are concerned, so she decided to put an end to the torture (and spiders) she had endured. Ramona thought it was hilarious that Luann would leave and complain over the room she was given, but she tried to make things right with Luann anyway. And when Luann went to call Ramona back, the episode ended. So we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what she says.

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